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  • SSG uses the term "Shortcut Bars" and "Quickslots" interchangeably.
  • Descriptions here are the defaults, and many can be changed in the "Options Panel / Key Mapping".
  • Quickslots are used heavily by other game components:


Default Quickslot configuration for a new player
  • 0 - Default always displayed, saved, positions  1-12; Shortcut access: numeric keys 1-0, - or =
  • 1 - Default always displayed, saved, positions 13-24; Shortcut access Ctl plus numeric keys 1-0, - or =
  • 2 - Default always displayed, saved, positions 25-36; Shortcut access Shift plus numeric keys 1-0, - or =
  • 3 - Default always displayed, saved, positions 37-48; Shortcut access Alt plus numeric keys 1-0, - or =
  • 4 - Must be enabled, positions 49-60; Fixed, not saved; Shortcut undefined
  • 5 - Must be enabled, positions 61-72; Fixed, not saved; Shortcut undefined

"Options/Quickslots" interactions

Bar 0 is always displayed and cannot be hidden.
Bars 1-5 are only displayed when enabled in Options/Quickslots.
By default, Bars 1-3 are enabled horizontal and docked. They will show whenever your bags are displayed - "I", as in the illustration above.
They are accessed by "Ctl" (Control), Shift," or "Alt" plus the appropriate numeric keys 1-0, - or = as indicated in the illustration.
Bars 4 and 5 must be enabled manually in Options/Quickslots. They also have no shortcut key defined (see Options/Key-map).
  • If not "docked," bars 1-5 can be moved around the screen using "ctl-\"

 Quickslot Page

  • At the right end of the main Quickslot bar there are two vertical arrows with an icon in the middle. (See the above illustration.)
These allow you to switch Quickslot pages.
There are currently 3 pages - one with a Sword, one with a Shield, one with a Horse.
  • mounted combat skills automatically get shortcut (entered) into the mounted combat page (the Horse icon).
  • When you mount up, the mount page is automatically shown, when you dismount, you automatically switch to the "first page". (Class Page)

Given configuration

proposed change - other skills automatically get shortcut to the first page - the "class" page, which will then be associated with the specs.

Note that quickslot bars 4 and 5 always show "main page" shortcuts even when you have selected a different page to show for the rest of the bars.

12.2 Preliminary notes

With the release of update 12.2, LOTRO will now save/restore the state of your quickslots automatically when you change class trait configuration slots.
  • The main trigger for something to happen is for you to switch Specializations - when you switch to another spec, your layout for the old spec is saved and the layout from the new spec is loaded.

A few things to be aware of:

  • When you switch to a given configuration slot for the very first time, the quickslots for that slot will be initialized from the way they look before you switched
  • When you earn a new skill through levelling, this skill will be automatically shortcut to the first available empty slot in each of the "non-current" trait configuration slots (if there's room)
  • Newly earned non-mounted-combat skills will be automatically quickslotted to the main (sword icon) quickslot page, no matter which page you are currently looking at (unlike previously)
  • Only the main quickslot page layout is saved/restored, and only for the main bar and bars 1-3. Bars 4 and 5 don't change when you change pages and their state will not be saved/restored
  • Only skills earned by levelling will be automatically shortcut for you for the non-current trait configurations. Other skills (for example milestone or travel skills bought through the webstore) will not