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Allegiance system

  • The Allegiance System was first released with the Mordor Expansion in August of 2017, and later extended with the Fate of Gundabad expansion in November of 2021. This page refers specifically to the allegiance -- Clan of the Zhélruka -- introduced in the Fate of Gundabad Expansion.
  • Access is available at level 20

Note on Terminology

The initial launch of the Allegiance system (Mordor expansion) used the terminology and some of the UI elements of "reputation". As the game has evolved, however, Allegiance standing has diverged from the "reputation" model, although traces of the old terminology remain. The Allegiance panel is now separate from the Reputation panel. Also, reputation acceleration does not benefit Allegiance "standing" progression

Note on Item usage

Text which appears on a Zhélruka consumable point-bestowing item, before the Zhélruka allegiance is joined:
You must join an Allegiance before you can redeem an item that grants Allegiance Points.
Allegiances are available at level 110 and can be accessed via the Reputation panel.
Ed. note: the second sentence is inaccurate with respect to both level requirement and UI navigation.
 Relic of Gundabad - 500 Allegiance Points
 Preserved Relic of Gundabad - 1,000 Allegiance Points
 Pristine Relic of Gundabad - 5,000 Allegiance Points

Relics may be acquired from

  • Note that Reputation Accelerators do not accelerate Allegiance reputation.
  • Also note that these relics are bound to account. So they can be shared amongst your characters.

Progression Table

Table 1: Allegiance Levels
To achieve this
You need
this many Points
a Total
of Points
Claimable Rewards
1 1405 1405 None
2 1395 2800 None
3 1500 4300 None
4 1500 5800 None
5 1600 7400 Ceremonial Mantle of Kept Promises, Torc of Kept Promises, Chapter 2 of storyline
6 1600 9000 None
7 1700 10700 None
8 1700 12400 None
9 1800 14200 Chapter 3 of storyline
10 1900 16100 Ceremonial Cloak of Kept Promises
11 1600 17700 None
12 1700 19400 Chapter 4 of storyline
13 1700 21100 None
14 1800 22900 None
15 1900 24800 Treads of Kept Promises, Chapter 5 of storyline
16 1900 26700 None
17 2000 28700 None
18 2100 30800 Chapter 6 of storyline
19 2100 32900 None
20 2200 35100 Ceremonial Hooded Cloak of Kept Promises
21 1900 37000 Chapter 7 of storyline
22 2000 39000 None
23 2100 41100 None
24 2100 43200 Chapter 8 of storyline
25 2200 45400 Chest
26 2300 47700 None
27 2400 50100 Chapter 9 of storyline
28 2500 52600 None
29 2500 55100 None
30 2600 57700 Goat of Kept Promises, Chapter 10 of storyline
Beware using a high-point value relic (like well-preserved or pristine) when you are almost at level 30 with Zhélruka! Any allegiance points you earn beyond what you need to get to level 30 will be lost!

Declaring your Allegiance

  • Once your character reaches level 20, he/she will have an Allegiance Panel, which can be used to join the Zhélruka allegiance. For details on how to access the Allegiance Panel, see the instructions on the main Allegiance System page. From the Allegiance Panel, there will be a Join button, if you have not already declared your allegiance.


After joining the Zhélruka allegiance, Prince Ingór in the Hall of Vérnozal, part of Gundabad, will offer the first storyline quest, Chapter 1: The Rightful Claim. Prince Ingór is located atop a flight of stairs, to the left (north) of the main passageway, as you enter. Further chapters in the Zhélruka allegiance storyline will become available from him as you progress through their levels of standing. The Hall of Vérnozal, being a Missions hub, has, like other Missions hubs in Erebor, Trestlebridge and Elderslade, swift travel via the Mission Recruiter stable-master, present in many locations around Middle Earth.
Completion of Chapter 1 of the Zhélruka storyline unlocks access to the Zhélruka daily missions, offered by Ausma and Hórin, located near the Mission Recruiter stable-master, and the Quartermaster (Gundabad Missions), on the lowest level of the hall and at a short distance from its entrance. See Gundabad Missions for a listing of the repeatables.

Quartermasters and Barter Items

The Hall of Vérnozal contains 2 Quartermasters related to the faction:


  •   Gundabad Mountain-mark , another currency dropped by Zhélruka Missions, both from the end-lootbox, as well as a quest reward.