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Thanks for the additions to the Bree-land deeds! --Ravanel (talk) 05:52, 17 January 2012 (EST)

You've been promoted!

Congratulations, Noddi!

You've been promoted to the level of Ninja! The Wiki is successful because of dedicated fans like yourself, and we thank you for your contributions to it!


Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 19:42, 7 October 2016 (UTC)

  • And always, refer to this for useful information.


see User:Noddi/To Do

genus = man

Hi. I saw your edit to change the genus from man to man (mob). I thought of doing it to other creatures but than I saw the list and it's too much trouble and in the future we would encounter the problem again.

Instead, I edited the template Template:Creature to make an exception and that takes care of all articles with genus = man or genus = man (mob).

Also, why do you put your list of todo in your talk page? We usually put it in the user page of a separate page.

Mogafi (talk) 02:36, 10 October 2016 (UTC)

The Genus entry should be exactly what shows in-game on the Tool-tip when you select the character.
Unless things have changed recently, there is no "Genus = Man (mob)" -- for one thing, they are NOT Mobs.
Please read the naming conventions found in the Help Pages: Help:Creatures and Template: Creature/doc
If you want an explanation of the historical specifics of the term "Mob" read Mob, Creatures and NPCs.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 03:27, 12 October 2016 (UTC)
I don't have an opinion formed about this subject, I'll just point out that there is the article Men (Hostile).
Mogafi (talk) 21:22, 21 October 2016 (UTC)

Category talk:Skirmish Instances Deeds deletion

Keep up the good work, I appreciate all the updates. Please don't delete posts to talk pages. Talk pages are designed to generate discussion. If you wish to discuss, append your comments on the topic in the page. Matthew.zellmer (talk) 13:20, 21 October 2016 (UTC)

Category tree issue

The problem with the Badgers page was attempting to indent the CategoryTree using colons. Using Blockquote works better.

"CategoryTree" is an extenstion to the basic MediaWiki. See the special page: Special:version, and follow the link to the CategoryTree documentation.
This particular "quirk" appears to be an "interaction bug." I'll pass the info along to User_talk:lotroadmin so he can file a bug report.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 12:14, 22 October 2016 (UTC)

Minimum level categorisation for minimum level 1 items

There are many items in the range of item_level 1-5 that do not have a minimum level showing the tool tip in game, but from running through a lot of low level toons I know they are min level 1. They should be categorised as Item level 1 to capture their minimum level. If I don't enter a category or minimum level they do not get included in the level category. I have been using the item template auto-category function by entering them as Level = 1, however this creates a tool tip that is different to the appearance in game (see Item:Dull Knife) and runs the risk that others will come through and delete them - and this has happened. The other way is the use the first, second, etc, category entries in the template by manually entering the category name, and on reflection it may be more stable to use this as the tool tip will look the same as in game (see Item:Weak Mace). Is this the better way to go? Noddi (talk) 12:37, 29 November 2016 (UTC)


You should reverse Category:Lightning Rune-stone Icons tables to 3 columns, or even 2... Columns look too narrow, with long icon names, if 4, at low resolution monitors... Steppenwolf (talk) 19:17, 6 February 2017 (UTC)Steppenwolf

Thanks for the feedback, was trying to set the columns so that they did not require a lot of scroll down. Will change them. Noddi (talk) 11:15, 7 February 2017 (UTC)

Shield Images

Don't mess with shield images... Many of those are uploaded temporary and I wanted shields available at vendors to have exact vendor item names, or crafting item names, if they can be crafted... Quest and drop item names are temporary, unless the appearance is unique... Steppenwolf (talk) 09:19, 21 February 2017 (UTC)Steppenwolf

Why, if they all have the same image, do they need the unique names? In the future that will create some confusion with a mass of the same image with similar names, as as I work through vendor items updates, there are a lot of duplicates. With icons there is a generic set, where each icon is used multiple times using a generic name. These images are the same. The items have unique names and can share the generic images. Noddi (talk) 10:20, 21 February 2017 (UTC)
Not all items with the same name have the same image, Hatchet for example... And yet, if items with the same vendor's name have the same image, that image should match items' name... When I'm looking for an image to use, I remember vendor's or crafting name, not generic name... With generic names I'd have to go and search through images to find one I need... When I upload image with generic name, it's temporary name, until I find out if the same appearance item can be bought at vendors or can be crafted and then I rename it... Generic icons are different, because they apply to much wider range of items... Btw, there are shields and bows of the same look but different size and moving them it's making chaos in my memory, when looking for the right one... I'm trying to uniform image categories and if you keep moving them around I wont be able to do it properly...
Steppenwolf (talk) 13:37, 21 February 2017 (UTC)Steppenwolf

Trying out new icon index table format

Take a look at Category:Light Legs Icons and tell me if you like the table format. I think it will be both easier to maintain and also easier to use, since one can just skim down the desired quality column to look for the desired icon. If it looks good to you, I'll write a script to convert the other pages over so we don't have to do it manually. --Gaerlin (talk) 03:43, 11 October 2017 (UTC)

From a maintenance/editor perspective there is only a little benefit - don't have to create 4 headings at a time, but otherwise still have to be careful in the alignment of a greater number of columns. However I think there are big benefits from the perspective of the editor looking for an icon to use as more are presented per page which makes comparison easier. The dropping of icon names has no impact as they are still shown below and in the file page. I like the fact you can convert using a script as otherwise conversion would be long and hard. Looks good to me, and I am looking for more modern layouts, so give it a go. I can see this working for armour and weapons, and maybe a few others. -- Noddi (talk) 06:56, 11 October 2017 (UTC)
OK I've finished the script to convert the existing pages to the new format. You can see some examples here:
Category:One-handed Hammer Icons
Category:Two-handed Sword Icons
Category:Shoulder Icons
Category:Bracelet Icons
As an added benefit, the script also generates a table of the "specific" (non-generic) icons as well, which makes it very easy to see what still needs to be converted over to a generic icon. Also, all of that standard text at the beginning of each page I put into a template {{ItemIconCategoryHeader}} to make it easy and standardized. Let me know if you like the look of it all and I will convert over the other pages.
Also, now that I have the script, I can regenerate these table with just a few clicks. So don't feel that you need to do a lot of manual updates to them. If you make a lot of icon changes/renames, just let me know which category and I can regen the tables easily. --Gaerlin (talk) 18:36, 25 October 2017 (UTC)
The conversion is good. I have modified the imported table for icon colours. It is just as hard (or easy) to modify icon names and the index in the new format as it is in the old, as I use the data changes in the table as a checklist / aid to track the changes to individual icons, but I will try your regen ability next time to see how much easier it can be. Almost done chest icons then a cleanup in leggings and all armour will be done. Noddi (talk) 12:24, 2 November 2017 (UTC)

New Discord server

Hey Noddi - just a heads up that we have a new Discord server that you may want to join. It's for admins, editors, and users of Lotro-Wiki to chat and discuss topics relating to the Wiki. --Gaerlin (talk) 16:43, 31 January 2018 (UTC)

Items and the update incoming

Hello Noddi, just a heads up incase you haven't been on Bullroarer, as I see you have been editing item stats this evening. All of that is redundant and is changing as per the changes coming with the update incoming for 120. All stats on items/mobs are changing. We have discussed this in discord, just posting here incase maybe you missed that in chat. =) Hiyacinth (talk) 15:30, 12 September 2018 (UTC)Hiyacinth

Change to creature boilerplate for recording deeds

Oh OK, thanks for the notification! Any reason for this change? I don't really care one way or the other, just curious. Gnagerwine (talk) 16:15, 20 September 2018 (UTC)

Re: Dark Images

Have the images I've been uploading lately still been too dark? I noticed that ever since I reinstalled everything a few months ago some setting must have gotten changed, because my images were even darker before. If they are still too dark I can try turning up the gamma, just need to find a good balance that's visible and yet not too bright and washed out. And yes, Mordor is a dark place. That Dire-horn image doesn't look particularly dark to me, though it is on the dim side. I can try to get a better picture if you think I should, or I wouldn't mind if you want to go ahead.

As for NPC images, I have been trying to get as close in on NPCs as possible. I wasn't really thinking of perspective, so I'll try to pay more attention to that next time. And I know we prefer to take Hobbit pictures from Hobbit eye level, but I don't have any Hobbit characters, so it would be welcome if other people could take better pictures when they are able. Sincerely, thanks for the tips. :)

On another topic, I have whole bunch of notes on the Wastes I've taken over the past week, but I see you've been doing some work there, too, so I don't want to be stepping on your toes. Would you like to collaborate on that? Gnagerwine (talk) 16:11, 2 October 2018 (UTC)

Re: Notes on your editing

Thanks Noddi. That does make things clearer. I'll have to suppress my inclination to include every detail I can, and stop to think how useful the information is at a quick read. I never really thought too much information would be a problem. I will put "LOTRO game guide" over "LOTRO encyclopedia" in my mind.

Sometimes the quest comments are interesting, though usually they are just a repetition of the original text. Can you think of any cases in which they are worth recording?

When you say "Do not include a link to the quest when the NPC is merely landscape for that quest" you mean not even in the description? Like as I put for Gimli:

"When the Host reaches the [[Morannon]], he rides with Legolas into [[Cirith Gorgor]] as part of the company representing the [[Free Peoples]] that [[Quest:Instance: The Black Gate|parleys]] with the [[Dulgabêth#Dulgabêth (The Wastes)|Mouth of Sauron]]."

Should that link to the quest instance not be there? I recently figured out that they should not get a Quest Involvement listing for those roles, at least.

As for Skorgrim, I should have known those were the best possible images. Though perhaps a note on the image saying that's as close as possible to get would be helpful. Is he not an NPC in his appearances in which you don't fight him? My understanding was to classify anyone as an NPC, not creature, unless they are attackable.

I will definitely brighten my Ondoher's Folly images, if they can be salvaged that way, and put back the originals when they are better. I only replaced the original images because they looked washed out and blurry to me. I know too dark isn't an improvement, but we've already established I've been an idiot about uploading too dark images.

Are you exaggerating how indistinct my images are? If not, my screen might be too bright. I know I've uploaded images definitely too dark to see anything (such as File:Carchost Sentry.jpg) but most of them to me look more "a little dim, could be brightened to make it look better" than "can't see a thing". It would be helpful to know if what I'm seeing isn't what everyone else is seeing. Gnagerwine (talk) 17:56, 4 October 2018 (UTC)

Congratulations Noddi the directors have decided! You've earned yourself a promotion to the highest order - be prepared for more shenanigans - I mean responsibilities! Rogue (talk) 18:59, 6 October 2018 (UTC)


Thanks for fixing up / completing my 1st item addition, Item:Club_of_the_Great_Took Areyekuwe (talk) 03:32, 13 October 2018 (UTC)

updating stats

Thanks for your note with subject "updating stats". In general, my comfort zone is talk pages. Regarding the item stats specifically, my biggest hangup with editing the Item page is the tooltip.

I don't know...

  • the exact process for grabbing the image from the item;
  • where to store the new image in the wiki;
  • (if necessary) how to update the {{Item Tooltip}} to specify the new image. For example, right now, I'm looking at the wiki code for Item:Freshly Worked Jacket. In its {{Item Tooltip}}, I don't see any parameter that ends with .jpg (or other image extension), so without doing some additional research, I don't know how it gets the correct image.

Thus, because I really want to *play* LOTRO :-), I simply write the new stats on the talk page.

P.S. With that said, I am now headed to update the "Additional Information" section of the Warg and Wolf Enmity pages. :-)

24hourstopickaname (talk) 05:35, 28 December 2018 (UTC)

As I endure the long wait for the LoTRO servers to come back up, I decided to research the correct procedure for updating stats on items. Noddi, you should have set me straight when we first discussed this issue months ago. I can update the stats directly in {{Item Tooltip}} parameters. I don't need to upload a new image. (When I looked at {{Item Tooltip}} for "Item:Freshly Worked Jacket" as mentioned above, I only quickly scanned it for a .jpg or .png extension, and I never looked at {{Item Tooltip}} again until now.)
You gave up on me too quickly, Noddi.
Moreover, I'm ***amazed*** that still nobody has made an effort to update any item stats. How difficult is it, really? Open the recipes for each profession of each character and run down the list. A couple of hours at most.
In game, I have been trying to collect all recipes for my characters, and I do have all professions represented. At present, I have tiers 1-4. When the servers come back up, I will mix playing with fixing the items stats in the Wiki...because they are ***essential***.
24hourstopickaname (talk) 03:52, 7 March 2019 (UTC)
...and now, I'm confused again. I went back to the items where I previously wrote the updated stats only as a discussion topic. Some of the pages still had incorrect stats, and some of the pages had already been updated by Drono-bot.
What is Drono-bot? I did some quick (as usual) research and found no information. Would you please add explanatory information to User:Drono-bot?
Why has Drono-bot only updated some, not all, Items? Its updates occurred back in January 2019, so if it was planning to update all Items, it would have finished by now.
Will Drono-bot update all items eventually? If yes, then I'll retract my intention to "mix playing with fixing the items stats in the Wiki".
24hourstopickaname (talk) 05:02, 7 March 2019 (UTC)
Hello, I just found this thread here. If i remember right, i read somewhere that the bot accounts should be named <name>-bot, so its my bot account
There is over 100k items in the game, so updating them one by one is not possible, especially if they change formulas as often as they were recently.
Some of the items as they are on wiki are not compatible with the data sources i am using for automatic updating, for example i did not managed to get Incoming Healing on 3 decimal places correctly yet, so the bot have not touched items with this stat. Another example of what it does not edit yet, is items with same name.
Drono (talk) 10:55, 5 June 2019 (UTC)

Creature Categorization

I'm still learning the finer points of creature categorization, so bear with me: why delete "Category:The Warrens of Tûn Melen Mobs" and move the mobs to "Category:Vales of Anduin Creatures"? Template:Creature/doc says to use the "instance" parameter for all instances except quest instances; and by the definitions given at Instances and Category:Public Dungeons, the Warrens would seem to me to be a public dungeon, not a quest instance. So I don't understand the reason for the change. -Velkeirien (talk) 05:11, 10 November 2019 (UTC)

Thanks for the question. There was a major rebuild of mob categories last year by Rogue, so perhaps the instructions did not get updated fully. The Instance category is designed for those places that you access via the instance interface, such as skirmishes and scalable instances. See Category:Creatures by Instance to see what is placed in these specific categories. For public places not accessed via the interface, use the standard Region/area config, remembering the area can be a specific location or PoI if that is the only place the mob is found. For mobs that are only accessed in a quest instance, such as Sharkey in this case, the area is the quest name - see Sharkey (Gladden Fields). The area involved was a simple interior (aka public dungeon) accessed by anyone in the landscape, and is treated like any other region/area. Sorry to undo your good work in this case, I was just bringing things into line with the standard category build. I hope this covers the reason for the change. Noddi (talk) 06:41, 10 November 2019 (UTC)
I think I see. So a place like the Warrens is a public dungeon-type instance, but the "instance" parameter of Template:Creature is only for a subset of instance types? (If that's correct, the template documentation should definitely be clarified.) -Velkeirien (talk) 05:44, 12 November 2019 (UTC)

Tad Leafcutter barter info

I edit the currency exchange for Tad Leafcutter based on what I'm seeing in-game, then checked the page history and noticed that I basically reverted an edit you made a month prior. Please check and let me know if I'm just all messed up, as you obviously have tons more experience editing here than me. Thanks! Aelmar (talk) 16:44, 4 May 2020 (UTC)

Your edit is correct. I was doing general clean-up of Anniversary and believed the Steel Token was obsolete. Well done and good pick up. Noddi (talk) 23:25, 4 May 2020 (UTC)