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Creating a new NPC page is usually a simple and quick process, but it is important to follow the guidelines properly, or you may be creating extra work for yourself or others.

We recommend using the Create new NPC feature.

All NPC pages are using Template:Npcbox. Plus a brief description in one or two sentences, though it may be longer for important and lore-related NPCs. More sections may be added depending on the type of NPC.

Spelling and Punctuation

Page names must reflect the actual spelling and capitalization as it shows in-game.

For names with special characters:

  • Create the page with correctly spelled name, using the Create new NPC feature.
  • Then create a "redirect page", a same-name page but without any special characters, which links to the real article.
See: Help: Names for details and a discussion of naming issues.


Every NPC should have an image taken from an in-game screenshot;

See Help:Images for details and many tips.
  • Images should be close-up and being at same height
  • No names and no selection rings shown
  • Proper lighting, preferably broad daylight
  • Include the entire body of the NPC, facing forward, unless restricted by position/terrain
  • Recently the NPC info-box was widened, hence a more square-shaped image gives a better appearance (2:3 proportions)


See Category:NPCs for the category structure.

The NPC template will add the page to the proper wiki-category. But for that to work, please make sure that at least the following important fields are filled in, if possible:

  • Role (Vault-keeper, Champion Trainer, Supplier, etc.)
  • Region (Bree-land, Moria, Mirkwood)

Fill in other fields as needed, per instructions on the create-NPC page. For more detail, see Template:Npcbox.


Duplicates are handled specially, see Help:Names.

Multiple locations

For NPCs that 'travel around' and thus appear in multiple locations, divide the page into sections per location by using second-level headers.

Example: Aragorn

The sections should be ordered by chronological appearance. Each section is titled "NPC-name (Location)" (region is first choice, alternatives are area or settlement), has its own NPC box, and has third-level headers for sub-sections (Quest Involvement, Quotes, etc.).


For more detail, see Transclusion.

Many pages have been created to support transclusion, which automatically fills in certain content for the various NPCs that all offer the same services (the content).

Include such content by entering {{:NPC Example}}. This markup will command the wiki-engine to retrieve the content of the page named "NPC Example" and put it in place of the markup. See for example NPC Provisioner.

Here is a list of all transclusion pages that are meant for NPC articles:


See Project:NPCs for current projects and discussions related to NPCs.


See Boilerplate:NPC, from which it is possible to copy & paste if needed.
 | name       = John Carver
 | title      = 
 | role       = Novice Jeweller
 | gender     = Male
 | race       = Man
 | region     = Bree-land
 | area       = Some Area
 | settlement = Fake Town
 | interior   = 
 | dungeon    = 
 | map        = Bree-land
 | maprefNS   = 66.5N
 | maprefEW   = 54.7E
 | quest      = Yes
 | type1      = 
 | type2      = 
== Description ==
'''John Carver''' is a Novice Jeweller found at [[Fake Town]] in [[Some Area]], in [[Bree-land]].

== Quest Involvement ==
* [15] [[Quest:This Quest|This Quest]]
* [16] [[Quest:That Quest|That Quest]]

== Sells ==
{| class="altRowsMed" width="400px"
! width="300px" | Item
! width="100px" | Cost
| {{Reward|Caltrops Recipe}}               || align="right" | {{worth|g=|s=5|c=|dp=}}
| {{Reward|High-grade Steel Sphere Mould}} || align="right" | {{worth|g=|s=4|c=|dp=}}

== Quotes ==
:''"This is the NPC's Quote. Note the italic around the quotation marks."''
:''"This is another quote."''