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About Me

U Lotro-Wiki User since:

  January 31, 2008.
B Lotro-Wiki Bureaucrat since:

  May 14, 2009.
N Lotro-Wiki Ninja since:

  February 19, 2008.
D Lotro-Wiki Director since:

  April 11, 2011.
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  March 17, 2008.

I am currently living in Southern Oregon although I am from many different places. I was born and raised in Southern California and moved all around the San Diego County area, I also lived in Southern Iowa for about 4 years before my mother and I both said no more, and Oregon seemed a compromise. Travelling did give me unique experiences.

Gaming has always been a part of me since i was young. From Atari 2600 to PC Gaming. I've done adventure, FPS, RPGs, and MMOs. These days i enjoy playing World of Warcraft, 7DtD (and a variety of other survival games like Subsistence and The Forest}, and revisiting oldies like LOTRO, Minecraft, and SWTOR.

Professionally I recently changed from computer science to Massage Therapy and am now licensed in the state of Oregon. I work for an amazing Chiropractor office and absolutely love what i do! Best decision and change I ever made in my life.

My Links

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My Characters


Character Race Class Level Vocation Tier Level Kinship
Lilliwynn Woman Lore-master 74 Historian Supreme Scholar
Master Weaponsmith
Master Farmer
Light of Arda
Findrayl Elf Hunter 36 Woodsman Master Expert Woodworker
Master Expert Forester
Light of Arda
Saphryn Hobbit Minstrel 34 Yeoman Grand Master Cook
Grand Master Farmer
Journeyman Tailor
Light of Arda
Cilhwen High Elf Rune-keeper 28 Explorer Journeyman Tailor
Journeyman Forester
Master Apprentice Prospector
Light of Arda
Eadaryn Woman Champion 24 Explorer Master Journeyman Forester
Master Journeyman Prospector
Light of Arda
Belliwyn Woman Captain 10 Explorer Light of Arda


Character Race Class Level Vocation Tier Level Kinship
Torimir Dwarf Champion 21 Armourer Apprentice Prospector
Apprentice Metalsmith
Light of Arda
Eledhwyn Elf Hunter 16 Explorer Forester
Light of Arda