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Also called Footnotes or References, Citations are used in scholarly works to give credit to or acknowledge the influence of previous works. They are most often used to provide referential sources for a statement, claim or assertion.

With respect to Lotro-Wiki, a Citation is generally requested or used to provide a source for any statements made in an article.

Note that these are HTML tags, not WikiMarkup.
See: WP:REFNAME for more information
Lotro-Wiki does not implement {{reflist}}.


  • The commands:
<ref> check </ref> Reference for one

<ref name="turbine"></ref> Reference for many

<ref name="turbine" /> Additional use of a reference

  • Will display in the article as:
[1] Reference for one
[2] Reference for many
[2] Additional use of a reference
  • You then must create a heading to contain the references:
=== References ===
Which will display them as below