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Article Management Tags (AMTs) are used to flag pages for further action, including expansion, deletion, or updating. AMTs are also used to show the state of pages, for example obsolete pages. AMTs can be used by anyone.

Inserting an AMT will create a banner at the location where the AMT is inserted to the page, and the page will be tagged for the relevant subcategory of Category:Things to do. Any editor can pick up pages from there to fix their deficiencies.

Once the page has been fixed, remove the AMT. That will remove the banner and the page is no longer tagged for any Things to do category.

Some page templates automatically insert some AMTs, such as Creature articles insert {{Stub/Image}} if a page is missing an image. But this page is meant for manual use off AMTs.

This page displays all of the various Article Management Tags available to editors for use on Lotro-Wiki. All of these templates belong to Category:Article Management Tags.

Templates for new articles

These templates identify a new article as a "stub" (initial, incomplete version) and place it in the appropriate subcategory of Category:Stubs:

For article type Use this template Resulting category
(any) {{Construction}} Stubs/Construction
Category {{Category Stub}} Stubs/Category
Crafting {{Crafting Stub}} Stubs/Crafting
Creature {{Creature Stub}} Stubs/Creature
Deed {{Deed Stub}} Stubs/Deed
Effect {{Effect Stub}} Stubs/Effect
Item {{Item Stub}} Stubs/Item
Location {{Location Stub}} Stubs/Location
Lore {{Lore Stub}} Stubs/Lore
NPC {{NPC Stub}} Stubs/NPC
Other {{Stub/Other}} Stubs/Other
Quest {{Quest Stub}} Stubs/Quest
Skill {{Skill Stub}} Stubs/Skill
Title {{Title Stub}} Stubs/Title
Trait {{Trait Stub}} Stubs/Trait

Templates for articles with problems

These templates identify an article as needing attention and place it in the specified category:

Problem Use this template Resulting category
Content is inaccurate {{Accuracy|<more information here>}} Stubs/Accuracy
A specific user made a mess {{Cleanup|<user>}} Stubs/Cleanup
Duplicate image {{Duplicate|filename.jpg}} Duplicated Files
Content needs updating due to changes in the game {{Expansion|<additional details>}} Stubs/Expansion
Article describes an obsolete feature {{Obsolete|type=<article type>|patchlink=<patch>}} Obsolete (or one of its subcategories)
Article needs an image {{Image Stub}} Stubs/Image
Article needs an icon {{IN}} Stubs/Icon
Content needs updating {{Stub/Outdated|{{SUBST:REVISIONUSER}}|{{SUBST:REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}|note=<additional details>}} Stubs/Outdated
Contains stale external links {{External}} Stubs/External
Content will change soon {{Stub/Warn|<describe the situation here>}} Stubs/Warn
Article needs a source {{Source needed}} Articles needing citations
Page needs clean-up or formatting {{Wikify|<describe what is needed>}} Stubs/Wikify

Requests for admin actions

These templates are used to get the attention of an administrator when a restricted action is needed:

Action needed Use this template Resulting category
Delete a page {{Delete Page|<explain why>}} Articles for deletion
Merge a page with another page {{Merge|<target page>|discussion=<talk page>}} Merge Candidates
Rename a page {{Move|<target page>}} Move Candidates

Templates for articles with limited interest

These templates explain why an article is of limited interest, so users can choose not waste their time reading it, if they aren't interested:

Content type Use this template Resulting category
Not yet "live" {{Beta}} Stubs/Beta
Bullroarer-only (will never be "live") {{Only Beta}} Stubs/Only Beta
Relates to a buggy feature {{Bug|description=<description>|workaround=<workaround>|update=<update>}} Known Bugs
Only on Legendary servers {{Legendary Only|<more information>}} Legendary Server Content
Relates to a player kinship {{Kinship}} (none)
Relates to a disbanded player kinship {{Kinship Disbanded|<more information>}} (none)
Relates to a player character {{PC}} (none)
Relates to a player-run event {{Player Event|<more information>}} Player Events