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Before creating an article for a quest please read through this page. We have set up some guidelines to make this an easy process for both the beginner and novice. More exhaustive information is provided at Boilerplate:Quest and at Category talk:Quest Chains.

Quest Namespace

Lotro-Wiki uses the Quest namespace. This means that when you create any quest article it must have "Quest:" before the quest name. An example: Quest:Prologue: The One Called Strider. However, in common texts and links we do not display "Quest:" but only the name, e.g. Prologue: The One Called Strider.
First, search for a quest to see if the quest page has already been created. You must type "Quest:etc" (quotes excluded) to locate the article. Once Quest: is typed any additional letters will start the auto-fill (Locate) feature in the search bar.

Spelling and Punctuation

Quest article names must reflect the actual spelling and capitalization as it shows in-game.
Also, any special characters in the name should be reflected. Use the Special Characters feature under the edit pane. Next, if an article has a special character then an additional a Redirect page should be created without the special characters. See Help:Names and Help:Spelling and Punctuation.

Tips for creating new quests

The bestowal text, background and information on objective can be cut and paste from LOTRO:
  • Accept the quest
  • Open the quest log, select the quest
  • Click the show history button at the bottom
  • Cut and paste the bestowal dialog, background and object text into the template
The DOES NOT give you the objectives themselves, you will need to capture those as you progress through the quest. Similarly any additional dialogue boxes are not captured in history. You will need to manually enter these.
On screen comments and actions can be copied. These appear in your chat screen and can be copied from there. If you miss them you can scroll up to see them in your session chat history. This is a good way to capture the "<NPC> yells bla bla bla" comments.

Quest Template

For the convenience of our editors and the sake of uniformity we have a quest template for people to use found here:
Create new quest - An automated quest creation tool for your convenience.
Boilerplate:Quest - An explanation, layout of the template to guide you while creating a quest article. It provides pre-formatted sections and suggestions.

Quest Chains

If the in-game quest journal reads a quest chain (see explanation), or if the quest has prerequisites of some kind, then see Category talk:Quest Chains. We want to provide correct information, both for stated quest chains and for "de-facto chains".

Wiki Categories

When creating a quest article editors do not have to worry too much about wiki-categories for the page. Our quest template will do this for you. Please make sure you follow the template as instructed. See towards the end of Boilerplate:Quest for further details on manually adding extra categories.


See for current projects and discussions related to Quests.

Add / Improve Quests

If you already know what Quest you want to add:
If you are interested to see which quests need "fixing"
For additional help:

Newest Quests

These are the newest quests added to, not necessarily the newest quests in LOTRO itself.