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Howdy, I'm Thurallor. I've played a Warden on Landroval since 2011.

I am no longer contributing to this wiki.

Things I have focused on

I also like to write plugins for the game:

Ideas floating around in my head

  • Checklists in local storage; conditional text
  • Alerts
  • Maps: Inset maps for clusters of points; ability to add other symbols, areas, paths
  • Deeds should have their own namespace and improved categorization: Talk
  • Migrate MediaWiki:Common.css into sub-articles of the relevant templates
  • We should be able to auto-generate quest chains from dmorcellet's data. Could show actual minimum requirements, instead of a list of all quests in the entire region.

Templates with floating boxes

These templates can create boxes on the right sides of articles. With narrow displays, this pushes down the text below it and may give the impression that the article is empty. We should modify the CSS to align these on the left on narrow displays.

Templates I should use

For escaping special characters in template args

HTML wrappers

Collapsible sections

For displaying multi-column lists

Article Management Tags

Site-wide variables

Commonly used inline

Stuff that I eventually should read


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