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Advanced Editing II: Techniques

Tips and techniques for editing.

How to find a "transcluded" section

For a detailed explanation of transclusion, see Advanced Editing I.

What to do when the text an editor wanted to edit is not displayed in edit mode? There are two use cases.

Use case one:

If an editor clicks the [Edit] found to the right of a header, they might realize that they ended up in edit mode but on another page.

In this case they have been transferred from the intended page to a "transcluded" page that the intended page transcludes from. But how? Because the header was part of the transcluded section.

If the text at the transcluded page was not the intended text, do not edit and do not save, but simply use the browser's back button to go back to the intended page. At the intended page, use the "Edit" tab at the top of the page, or click the [Edit] of next higher-level header above the 'bad' one, and find the text and edit as usual.

Otherwise, if it was the intended text, much caution is needed. The transcluded page may be used by many other pages and must not be edited rashly. See Advanced Editing I för more details.

Use case two:

If an editor goes into edit mode and to where the intended text should be, but instead faces for example ...

== Quests == 
{{:Cat:XXX Quests}}

... then the intended text exists on a transcluded page that the current page is transcluding from. (Again, much caution is needed. The transcluded page may be used by many other pages and must not be edited rashly.) But how to find that page?

Simplest is to use "Search" (top right of page) using the text found within the curly braces, without the leading colon.
Below the edit box, look at the list named "Templates used on this page" (if not there already, click "Show preview"). Find the page with the name seen within the curly braces and click its "(edit)" link. See Advanced Editing I för more details.

Tips from an experienced Editor

  • I often use a Ctrl-click on "Edit" to do the editing in a new browser tab, although that requires another step as you finish editing. (I.e. closing out the first edit tab in addition to the new tab.)
  • Modifying your editing Preferences may change what you see.
    At the top right of your screen, select Preferences then select the Editing tab, I have checked only:
    • "Show preview on first edit"
    • "Enable section editing"
    • "Show edit toolbar"
    • "Mark all edits minor"
    • "Warn me when I leave..."

    • Both beta features are checked
    • No lab features are checked