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Before creating an article for an item please read through this page. We have set up some guidelines to make this an easy process for both the beginner and novice.

If you are looking to create an article for crafting recipes please visit Help:Crafting.

Item Namespace

Lotro-Wiki uses the Item namespace. This means that when you create any item article it must have Item: before the item name. An example: Item:Cotton Leggings.

To search for an item you must type Item:Game Item Name to locate the article. Once Item: is typed any additional letters will start the auto-fill (Locate) feature in the search bar. This is a general way to both search for and create an item article in the wiki.

Spelling and Punctuation

Item article names must reflect the actual spelling and capitalization as it shows in-game.

Also, any special characters in the name should be reflected. We have the Special Characters addon shown at the bottom of every edit page for this purpose. If an item does have a special character then an additional article should be created without the special characters as a redirect page.


Most item articles when created will not have their icon equivalent, and will show a red link.

For most beginning editors please place {{IN}} at the very top of your item article. This is designed to place your article in an category for items needing an icon which will alert those of us who work with icons that it needs to be done.

Anyone interested in uploading icons for their item article can refer to Help:Images.

Notice about Icons

Before you go ahead and perform a lot of work, remember that most in-game icons are re-used for many, many other items. Hence, usually the icon already exists and you can refer to it by its generic name. See Category:Icons for all existing icon images, sorted in type. Just be cautious to find the one that matches the in-game item, including correct background, visual effects, etc., some are very similar but have small but discernible differences. For info, we also have a project about unify same-looking icons to generic and better quality icons.


When creating an item article editors do not have to worry about the wiki-categories for the page. Our item template will do this for you. Please make sure you follow the template as instructed and place the correct information in the right fields.

Item Template

Create new item - Please use this item creation tool for the convenience of our editors and the sake of uniformity. It is found on the main help page Help in the Article Creation box as "Items." It is also accessed as the "New Item" template found in the left-hand margin of all Lotro-Wiki pages, under the expanded "Create Article" heading.

Template:Item Tooltip - Lists the parameters that can be used and tips for what they mean.

Boilerplate:Item - Provides a cookie cutter layout of the template for you to copy/paste into the item article.


See projects for current discussions related to Items.