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Guidelines are similar to rules and standards but are not as rigid. On Lotro-Wiki, any page type having a guideline – usually a boilerplate – should be edited until it meets those definitions, but exceptions can be made with valid reasons.

Here follow brief info and/or links to pages detailing either rules or standards, or guidelines, or a mix of both.

General guidelines:

See Help:Manual of Style

For pages, their names and their contents:

See Help:Article Creation
See Help:Names
See Help:Spelling and Punctuation
See Help:Categorization
See Article Management Tags

For images and icons:

  • Upload images in JPEG and icons in PNG file format
  • File names should match the name of the object they are used for
See Help:Images
See Category:Icons

For links:

  • Links to pages in namespaces must be displayed without the namespace, e.g. links to the page Item:Hill-defender must look like Hill-defender. Only help pages such as this page may break that rule.

See also: