Thorin's Hall

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This page is about the settlement. For the Reputation Faction, see Thorin's Hall (Reputation)
Settlements-icon.png Thorin's Hall
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Location: [13.8S, 103.2W]
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Thorin's Hall is a settlement located within the area of Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin. [13.8S, 103.2W]

These majestic and giant halls are cut into the Blue Mountains by the dwarves under the leadership of Thráin and Thorin. At the crest of the impressive stairs from Frerin's Court a visitor enters a section known as Thorin's Gates, with the hardened entrance into the halls. At this outdoor section a smaller door leads straight to the Festival Arena and Thorin's Hall Inn.

Thorin's Hall provides all possible services, trainers and vendors. Its extensive crafting facilities includes Superior Forges, the Metalsmith's Guild and the Weaponsmith's Guild. These halls also hosts the Blue Stone Garrison which is the lounge for members with Acquaintance standing with Thorin's Hall; inside is found a Superior Workbench.

Notice: The settlement is basically set up by many smaller halls and sections. This page provides a summary but details are listed at the individual pages of the smaller sections. Useful services outside of these halls are found in Thorin's Gate and Frerin's Court.


Thorin's Hall Skirmish Camp





See "starting quests" and the locations for quests


See list of all NPCs within Thorin's Hall

Class Trainers

Function NPC Location
Burglar Trainer Petula Barley The Great Hall
Captain Trainer Granger Halifax Hall of Kings
Champion Trainer Kobbi Hall of Kings
Guardian Trainer Naut Hall of Kings
Hunter Trainer Jolfur Hall of Kings
Lore-master Trainer Ivy Spokes The Maker's Hall
Minstrel Trainer Reykur Hall of Kings
Rune-keeper Borin The Maker's Hall
Warden Holger Halifax Hall of Kings


NPC Location Levels
Light Armour
Durstan Hall of Kings 5 - 11
Kimbur Green-tree Hall of Merchants 15 - 23
Lafi Hall of Merchants 29 - 32
Nál Bellowsbreath Hall of Kings 41 - 47
Jórunn Firesong Hall of Kings 32 - 38
Medium Armour
Dannel Hall of Kings 5 - 11
Fengari Frostmere Hall of Kings 41 - 44
Gowan Smith-son Hall of Merchants 17 - 23
Kettil Hardhelm Hall of Kings 35 - 38
Kieri Hall of Merchants 26 - 32
Heavy Armour
Brúni Stonehelm Hall of Merchants 41 - 44
Galti son of Geitir Hall of Kings 35 - 38
Hákan Ironhammer Hall of Merchants 26 - 32
Invar Hall of Kings 15 - 29
Ranald Hall of Merchants 15 - 23


NPC Location Levels
Adwyn Flame-eye Hall of Kings 5 - 8
Aldwulf Hall of Merchants 17 - 23
Ari Longarrow Hall of Merchants 26 - 32
Ivor Yewbend Hall of Kings 35 - 38
Ludde Blackeagle Hall of Kings 41 - 44
One-handed Weaponsmith
Albryc Long-foot Hall of Kings 5 - 11
Alvari son of Breki Hall of Kings 41 - 44
Belgen Hall of Merchants 15 - 23
Dagg Dour-face Hall of Kings 34 - 40
Kragg Stout-heart Hall of Merchants 25 - 32
Two-handed Weaponsmith
Brymir Hammerhand Hall of Kings 42 - 45
Hagan Storm-sword Hall of Kings 6 - 12
Kyma Grey-bear Hall of Merchants 15 - 24
Rhodri Blue-boots Hall of Merchants 27 - 31
Thorvald Thunder-hall Hall of Kings 33 - 39

Civic Structures and Facilities

Notice: The different locations within this section, "civic structures and facilities," individually list all quests, all NPCs, and more, which pertain to each of them.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall
See Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall for more details.

The Great Hall is the first area just inside the main entrance to Thorin's Hall.

Its middle section is known for the great statue, the west and east wings host valuable services. Continue north, past the statue, for the Hall of Kings.

Hall of Kings

Hall of Kings
See Hall of Kings for more details.

The Hall of Kings is the majestic, centre hall of Thorin's Hall, to the north.

From this hall leads connections to most other halls within Thorin's Hall: the Hall of Merchants to the west and the Maker's Hall to the east, not to forget the basement with Thorin's Hall Inn and the Festival Arena. Furthest to the north, at the upper terrace, is found Thorin's Throne with Dwalin at service.

Hall of Merchants

Hall of Merchants
See Hall of Merchants for more details.

The Hall of Merchants is the western wing of Thorin's Hall, entered from the Hall of Kings.

This hall provides the spectacular waterfall that contributes to the canal. At its entrance is a ramp down to the basement and the Thorin's Hall Inn. At the upper level and past the waterfall is found the Blue Stone Garrison, the centre for reputation with Thorin's Hall.

  • Armour vendors
  • Weapon vendors
  • Quest givers

Blue Stone Garrison

Blue Stone Garrison
See Blue Stone Garrison for more details.

The Blue Stone Garrison is a reputation lounge within Thorin's Hall's western wing.

It is located within the Hall of Merchants, at the upper level, across the bridge by the waterfall. Inside is an imposing, well protected hallway, leading to a very long ramp down to the heart of the garrison.

The Blue Stone Garrison is the home of the Thorin's Hall reputation faction and only those who have reached Acquaintance standing with the faction are allowed to enter. Just outside are found some members who welcome visitors of a lesser standing.

The Maker's Hall

The Maker's Hall
See Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall for more details.

The Maker's Hall is a level down from the Hall of Kings, in the eastern wing of Thorin's Hall.

This hall is the first of two crafting centres in Thorin's Hall, the second being the the Forging Hall located past the Maker's Hall. By the foot of the stairs from the Hall of Kings is another entrance to the basement and the Thorin's Hall Inn.

The Forging Hall

The Forging Hall
See Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall for more details.

The Forging Hall is found past the Maker's Hall, in the eastern wing of Thorin's Hall.

This hall is renowned throughout the Middle-earth for its Superior Forges, which it has not just one but several. These are impressive and visitors coming too close have been seen on fire. Aptly the hall hosts a Forge-master and a Relic-master, as well as a Vault-keeper, metalsmith and weaponsmith crafting NPCs. Here is also found the entrances for the Metalsmith's Guild Hall and the Weaponsmith's Guild Hall.

Metalsmith's Guild Hall

Metalsmith's Guild
See Metalsmith's Guild Hall for more details.

This is the home for the Metalsmith's Guild where it is possible to gain reputation and obtain exclusive recipes and items not possible to obtain by other means.

The Metalsmith's Guild trains serious students of the armourer's art in advanced techniques, allowing them to create superior items with less effort.

Weaponsmith's Guild Hall

Weaponsmith's Guild
See Weaponsmith's Guild Hall for more details.

This is the home for the Weaponsmith's Guild where it is possible to gain reputation and obtain exclusive recipes and items not possible to obtain by other means.

The Weaponsmith's Guild trains serious students of the art of weaponry in advanced techniques, allowing them to create superior items with less effort.

Thorin's Hall Inn

Thorin's Hall Inn
See Thorin's Hall Inn for more details.

Thorin's Hall Inn is located in the basement under the Hall of Kings.

From the Hall of Kings there are two tunnels going down: the western ramp runs down from the arc into the Hall of Merchants; the eastern ramp starts at the Maker's Hall behind "the library". However, coming from outdoors there is much quicker entrance (and exit) via the Festival Arena, straight to and from Thorin's Gates, by the door just at the outdoor mailbox next to Bogi Deepdelver. (Once in the Festival Arena, go through the doorway directly behind you.) How that architecture works is nothing a knowledgeable dwarf is permitted to speak of, but nevertheless does it work brilliantly.

From outdoors the quickest entrance is via the small door next to Bogi Deepdelver and through the Festival Arena. Otherwise there are two tunnels going down from the Maker's Hall and from the Hall of Merchants.

This is the natural tavern and place to hang out with for any dwarf visiting Thorin's Hall. This is the home for members of the Ale Association and once they have reached Acquaintance standing the may also access their private chambers through a door to the south-west.

The Ale Association

The Ale Association
See The Ale Association for more details.

The Ale Association is found in the basement of Thorin's Hall, entered via the Thorin's Hall Inn.

During festivals this ale loving club is bubbling and boiling with activities, whereof a considerable amount are aimed it undermining the Inn League's wild success. However, these usually noble dwarves of Thorin's Hall also provides some attractive rewards for those who manage to wind themselves through the quests and gain reputation *hic*

  • Reputation vendors and quests

The Festival Arena

The Festival Arena
See The Festival Arena for more details.

The Festival Arena is found in the basement of Thorin's Hall.

This arena is also know as "Thorin's Ale-hall" and it is reached either from Thorin's Hall Inn or directly from Thorin's Gates. The latter is via an entrance just at the mailbox next to Bogi Deepdelver, a perfect short-cut to the Inn.

The Festival Arena is used during Anniversary Celebrations and certain Special Events. The rest of the year the big hall lies dark, unused and in silence, except for the occasional gurgles from the many ale barrels.


"So Thráin and Thorin with what remained of their following...wandered in Eriador, until at last they made a home in exile in the east of the Ered Luin beyond the Lune." - The Return of the King, Appendix A, Part III Durin's Folk
The great halls of Thorin, delved beneath the Ered Luin in western Middle-earth are amongst the greatest wonders of craftsmanship and building found anywhere in the world. It has been nearly 80 years since Thorin himself journeyed away from this Dwarf-mansion of soaring stone to reclaim his rightful place beneath Erebor, in his noble quest to Lonely Mountain to defeat the dragon Smaug (a well-documented adventure, indeed!). Though Thorin was never to return to this place, having fallen in the Battle of Five Armies after successfully reclaiming his throne, Thorin's Halls in the Blue Mountains remain a vibrant center of activity in the region. - lorebook


Map of Thorin's Hall NPC locations in Thorin's Hall