Kimbur Green-tree

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Kimbur Green-tree
Image of Kimbur Green-tree
Role Light Armoursmith
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Gate
Settlement Thorin's Hall
Interior Hall of Merchants
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]


Kimbur Green-tree is a Light Armoursmith found at the ground floor of the Hall of Merchants within Thorin's Hall. He sells dwarf armour for levels 15 to 23.


Item Level Cost
Armour: Back
 Woven Cloak 15 Silver52 Copper
 Woven Cloak 17 Silver12 Copper
 Woven Cloak 23 Silver92 Copper
Armour: Feet
 Dwarf Padded Shoes 17 Silver92 Copper
 Dwarf Padded Shoes 20 Silver80 Copper
 Dwarf Padded Shoes 23 Silver72 Copper
Armour: Gloves
 Dwarf Padded Gloves 17 Silver92 Copper
 Dwarf Padded Gloves 20 Silver80 Copper
 Dwarf Padded Gloves 23 Silver72 Copper
Armour: Head
 Cowl 15 Silver52 Copper
 Cowl 17 Silver12 Copper
 Cowl 20 Silver
 Cowl 23 Silver92 Copper
 Patched Hood 15 Silver52 Copper
 Patched Hood 17 Silver12 Copper
 Patched Hood 20 Silver
 Patched Hood 23 Silver92 Copper
 Spiked Helm 17 Silver12 Copper
 Spiked Helm 20 Silver
 Spiked Helm 23 Silver92 Copper
Armour: Legs
 Dwarf Quilted Leggings 17 Silver32 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Leggings 20 Silver20 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Leggings 23 Silver12 Copper
Armour: Shield
 Light Dwarf-shield 17 Silver96 Copper
 Light Dwarf-shield 20 Silver60 Copper
 Light Dwarf-shield 23 Silver28 Copper
Armour: Shoulders
 Dwarf Cloth Shoulder Pads 17 Silver80 Copper
 Dwarf Cloth Shoulder Pads 20 Silver72 Copper
 Dwarf Cloth Shoulder Pads 23 Silver60 Copper
Armour: Upperbody
 Dwarf Padded Jacket 17 Silver60 Copper
 Dwarf Padded Jacket 20 Silver52 Copper
 Dwarf Padded Jacket 23 Silver40 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Shirt 17 Silver60 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Shirt 20 Silver52 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Shirt 23 Silver40 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Waistcoat 17 Silver60 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Waistcoat 20 Silver52 Copper
 Dwarf Quilted Waistcoat 23 Silver40 Copper
 Dwarf-robe 17 Silver60 Copper
 Dwarf-robe 20 Silver52 Copper
 Dwarf-robe 23 Silver40 Copper


"When on the roads a good supply of dwarf-goods is always a necessity, especially if you are dealing in dangerous work."