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Settlement.png Gabilshathûr
Region: Angmar
Area: Eastern Malenhad
Location: [3.6S, 26.4W]


Gabilshathûr is a settlement located within the area of Eastern Malenhad in Angmar. [3.6S, 26.4W]

This mining outpost is hardly found, hidden in a cavern between walls in the south-most of Malenhad. Long years the dwarves have escaped notice of the forces of Angmar, trapped behind the lethal Watching-stones of Rammas Deluon. There are two narrow entrances: the western entrance is by a resurrection ring; the eastern entrance is found just east of a Camp Site Fire.

Gabilshathûr provides some basic services for weary travellers who eventually manage to conquer the evilness of Rammas Deluon. Here is a Stable-master, Milestone, Mailbox, and a Tasks Bulletin Board, as well as a Provisioner and armaments vendors for levels 40 to 49, and a quest items vendor.




Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Gath Forthnír (Swift) Angmar 25 Silver  Acq. with Council of the North
Completed quest: Vol I, Book 6, Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone
Aughaire (Swift) Angmar 25 Silver  Completed quest: Vol I, Book 6, Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone
Iorelen's Camp (Swift) Angmar 25 Silver  Acq. with Council of the North
Completed quest: Vol I, Book 6, Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place:




Supplies & Services

NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Olmóth Provisioner [3.6S, 26.3W]
Dwarf.png Hórth Stable-master [3.6S, 26.6W]
Dwarf.png Gabilshathûr Stalwart Quest Item Vendor [3.9S, 26.6W]


NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Orso Armorsmith [3.9S, 26.6W]
Dwarf.png Gladir Bowyer [3.7S, 26.3W]
Dwarf.png Bólwerk Weaponsmith [3.7S, 26.3W]


NPC Function Coords
Dwarf.png Avar Task-master - Quest [3.8S, 26.6W]
Ranger.png Banfuir Quest [3.9S, 26.5W]
Dwarf.png Bothwar Quest [3.6S, 26.6W]
Ranger.png Braigiar Quest [3.9S, 26.5W]
Dwarf.png Guard Ansurr Quest [3.6S, 26.5W]
Dwarf.png Guard-captain Gisur Quest [3.6S, 26.5W]
Dwarf.png Hwati Quest [3.5S, 26.3W]
Dwarf.png Kol Quest [3.8S, 26.3W]
Dwarf.png Dwarf Miner
Dwarf.png Gabilshathûr Guard


The dwarf mining-outpost of Gabilshathûr was unwisely founded shortly before the recent revival of the powers of Angmar.
Now these poor souls are trapped, holding out against hope that they can survive and be rescued before the fist of Angmar falls upon them. — Deed text

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