Southern Foul Idol

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Southern Foul Idol
Type: Idol
Region: Angmar
Area: Urugarth
Location: [9.1N, 31.0W]

Southern Foul Idol is a landmark within Urugarth, in Angmar. [9.1N, 31.0W]

This idol is found inside the world instance of Urugarth. By distance it lies really close to the Central Foul Idol, but travelling distance is another topic. The idol wears intruders down with +5 Dread.


These deeds can be advanced by visiting South-western Foul Idol:


Found along the streets and alleys of Urugarth, these foul idols can act as beacons to alert Lagmâs' soldiers to the presence of intruders. Destroying them may raise the ire of the Orcs in Urugarth. — Deed