Thaurisgar, the Vile Apothecary

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Thaurisgar, the Vile Apothecary
Level: 140 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: The Return to Carn Dûm
Region: Angmar
Area: Ephel Angren
Location: [71.6N, 29.5W]
Thaurisgar, the Vile Apothecary
Thaurisgar, the Vile Apothecary

"In the depths of Thaurisgar, countless foul and twisted experiments roam the shadows--the terrible legacy of Aniochán the Harrower. Before the fall of Carn Dûm, Aniochán worked tirelessly to outdo his rivals and win the favour of the Steward of Angmar. Chief among his tools in shaping his fell creations was a curious ichor known only as the Bile of Ifrinn. Thought to be lost after a disastrous experiment claimed Aniochán's life, now this foetid and vile substance is in danger of being let loose into the world. What did Aniochán hope to accomplish in Thaurisgar? Did he believe his end to be a failure or a true testament to his achievements?"


The instance is available in the Instance Finder after completing Discovery: Carn Dûm.

Difficulty Level

This is a scaled instance with a minimum level of 140, designed for a solo, duo and fellowship. The instance is available at level 140




These mobs are encountered within Thaurisgar:

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Instance Overview

The first chest in this instance doesn't come after fighting a boss, but after solving Aniochán's Puzzle Box and opening the door to the twins.

Walk-through and Tactics

Aniochán's Puzzle Box

To open the door to the final boss you need to use the cauldrons in the correct order. Aniochán's Note, which can be found close to the cauldrons, indicates that there are 4 possible orders:

  • Blue Brazier - Strickenseep, Adder's Blood, Wargslather, Scythespew
  • Green Brazier - Adder's Blood, Wargslather, Scythespew, Strickenseep
  • Yellow Brazier - Scythespew, Strickenseep, Adder's Blood, Wargslather
  • Red Brazier - Scythespew, Adder's Blood, Wargslather, Strickenseep

The right order is random and depend on the lit brazier hanging from each doorway. See the below picture with 4 braziers (Red / Blue / Green or Yellow). You should look for the room with the lit brazier and use the given order:

Brazier order


Boss 1

Boss 2