Duvárdain Quarter

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Duvárdain Quarter
Type: Hill-men District
Region: Angmar
Area: Carn Dûm
Location: [11.7N, 34.4W]

Duvárdain Quarter is a landmark within Carn Dûm, in Angmar. [11.7N, 34.4W]

Within the world instance of Carn Dûm, lies this large district of high and lighted houses, being the home of the Duvárdain of Carn Dûm.


Having the Iron Grate Key skill: After entering the instance, go down the ramp to the left until you get to the first Iron Grate: Defeat the mobs and open the gate. Inside the tunnels, take the first branch to the left and go up the staircase. Kill Sálvakh and open the door. On the left there is the path to Azgoth, take the path to the right through the arch and up a ramp.
Otherwise: Follow the boss sequence of the instance until Azgoth.




These deeds can be advanced by exploring Duvárdain Quarter:


These creatures are encountered at this location:


Erscin - Quest


While Carn Dûm has its enemies, there are those that call it ally as well. Among them are the Hillmen of the Trév Duvárdain. This alliance has granted the Trév Duvárdain a district of their own within the city. — Deed