Seat of the Witch King

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Seat of the Witch King
Region: Angmar
Area: Carn Dûm
Location: [14.0N, 33.5W]

Seat of the Witch King is a Landmark within Carn Dûm, in Angmar. [14.0N, 33.5W].

This location is found inside the world instance of Carn Dûm, and it is the seat of Mordirith.


These deeds can be advanced by exploring Seat of the Witch King:


These mobs are encountered within this location:


The seat of the Witch-king is a well-appointed room adorned with vicious-looking statues and ornaments. It is here that the ranger Golodir confronted Mordirith in battle and forced retreat upon the Steward of Angmar. — Deed