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Type: Waterfall
Region: Angmar
Area: Imlad Balchorth
Location: [7.4N, 30.4W]

Anglanthir is a landmark within Imlad Balchorth, in Angmar. [7.4N, 30.4W]

This fell waterfall flows down from the orc and goblin breeding grounds of Urugarth, which in turn flows from Carn Dûm. These waters are as dangerous as they are green, as even the most brief contact with it can prove fatal. Ill fables speak of an unspeakable monstrosity that is responsible for the polluting of these waters which may have once been pure and beautiful.

This location was once almost impossible to reach, but is no longer so due to the addition of war-steeds and boosts to the speed of normal mounts. It is discovered while completing Treasure of Angmar.


These creatures are encountered at this location: