Minas Agar

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Minas Agar
Type: Tower
Region: Angmar
Area: Nan Gurth
Location: [7.2N, 23.2W]

Minas Agar is a landmark within Nan Gurth, in Angmar. [7.2N, 23.2W]

This is the western spire of the "Tower of the Witch-king" and it is occupied by the traitorous Trév Duvárdain tribe. They are led by Karstíona, an emissary who is tasked with forming an alliance with the Iron Crown. She is met inside the tower when having the appropriate quest.


Minas Agar Interior




These deeds can be advanced by exploring Minas Agar:


These creatures are encountered at this location:


Minas Agar is the western Tower of the Witch King's palace. It is rumoured that the other eight Nazgûl occasionally reside within these towers, wielding dark sorceries at the behest of the Witch King. — Deed

Many are the Hillmen of Angmar who have chosen to serve the Iron Crown. Now they seek further favour from their dark masters by sending an emissary to Minas Agar. If the Hillmen cannot be dissuaded, Eriador will surely fall... — Instance Text


Entrance into the hill-man occupied tower