Patch Notes - Update 4 Rise of Isengard

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Of Special Note

The Rise of Isengard Expansion is here!

  • Explore three new areas of Middle-earth! Dunland, the Gap of Rohan, and Isengard.
  • Hundreds of new quests and deeds
  • Ten additional levels! Level cap raised to level 75!
  • The Epic story continues! One of our largest Book quest lines to date!
  • Challenging new 24 (Tier 1) or 12 (Tier 2) player raid against the gigantic Dragon: Draigoch. Earn Second age LI and special raid recipe rewards.

New Skirmish traits!

Skirmish traits will be able to rank up to the new max of 35 (up from 25). As with previous ranks, the higher level you are the less expensive all ranks will be. For greater challenges, all Skirmishes will be able to be set to up to level 80! Players will be able to earn new marks in Skirmishes and Classic instances over level 66. These “Fourth Marks” have new loot to purchase at all the Skirmish vendors, including the next tier of relics

Tier 7 crafting!

There are a whole slew of new recipes available to players. We've also made a number of improvements to profession advancement. We wanted to provide a more consistent stream of new recipes as players progress and complete content. Recipe count is also reduced and quality is increased. Lastly we've made treasure more interesting by dropping recipes where players really want to find them.

Gathering should be simple and fun! Dunland, Gap of Rohan and Isengard itself will have more abundant resources. Also, there is only one crafting node type for each gathering profession. This should create a lot less frustration for players.

We wanted to make daily and weekly reputation recipes more fun with the use of critical success. More unique guild rewards also allow crafters to feel special. For more on the new Tier 7 crafting and changes to the crafting system, please read the developer diary.

Monster play now available to Free Players!

Free players can now enter the Ettenmoors! Free and premium players gain access to the Reaver monster class for free! Please note: the Ettenmoors does have a maximum population cap and entry is on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Class Changes

All nine classes have received new and improved skills. Be sure to read all of the changes in their respective class developer diaries!

Fellowship Maneuvers Update

We've taken a look at the function of fellowship Maneuvers and done some tweaking! Take a look at these important changes.

New Stats and Itemization Changes

Please see the developer diaries for changes to Itemization and Stats.

LOTRO Store updates

Check out the new features in the LOTRO Store. Quicker purchases, better display, and more.

Release Notes


  • Moria quests will now be organized in the Quest Log according to where the objectives are. "Moria Upper Halls" has been replaced by more relevant categories, like "Durin's Way" or "Zelem-melek."
  • Deeds to complete quests in Moria have changed. Instead of tracking quests by area type, they track quests by specific zone, eg. "Complete quests in the Redhorn Lodes" instead of "Complete quests in the Deeps of Moria" (Deeps of Moria being Water-works, Foundations of Stone, and Flaming Deeps).
  • Many Elite and more powerful monsters will achieve critical hits a bit more frequently, and be more resilient to your attacks.
  • Combat Actions (hit, critical hit, heal, etc.) now display different colors in the combat log.
  • The Devastating Bonus to Devastating Critical Hit chance is now improved by the correct percentage and the UI has been updated to reflect changes.
  • Damage over time (DoT) and healing over time (HoT) effects are now consistent with their initial and follow up pulses.
  • The /stuck and /unstuck commands now transport characters to the closest rally point so they stay closer to the front lines! Additionally /stuck and /unstuck no longer share a cooldown with Milestone skills.
  • Monsters will no longer drop negative effects when they transition phases.
  • Some players were reporting that the sky was rapidly accelerating towards to the ground. We have investigated and are happy to report that the sky is, in fact, exactly where it should be.
  • Level 30 Class Quests no longer have the pre-req to finish the previous level 15 Class Quest.
  • The typo horde, the bane of all existence and the plague of our time, has been engaged. We continue to battle valiantly, but alas the foe is strong…the battle rages ever on.
  • Both Monster Play character selection and normal character selection now properly keep track of your last played character of each type.
  • When a character is transferred to a world where their name is already taken, the "/changename" command will now properly open the rename dialog instead of sending the player to the store.
  • The single mitigation buffs from the destiny wallet have been removed. Players may now purchase physical mitigation or tactical mitigation buffs, instead, using destiny points.

Stat Updates

  • We have removed most of the diminishing returns from Offence ratings, increased the percentage gained per rating point, and removed the cap.
  • We now have different formulas for Heavy, Medium and Light armor mitigations. The point at which diminishing returns starts having a major effect is different for each armor type now.
  • The caps on Primary characteristics -- Might, Agility, Vitality, Will and Fate – have been completely removed.
  • The caps on Block, Parry, Evade, Incoming Healing and Critical Hit ratings have been increased to 25%.
  • The caps on Outgoing Healing and Resistance ratings have been increased to 50%.
  • You should no longer see individual Common/Ancient Dwarf/Beleriand/Westernesse mitigation lines in the Player, Monster Player, and Session Player character journals. Instead, you should see a single base Physical mitigation value with a tooltip that details the individual Damage Type mitigations.
  • While all existing Critical Hit Avoidance will continue to work the same, when you receive points to the new unified Critical Hit Avoidance it will increase all Melee, Ranged and Tactical Critical Hit Avoidance.
  • Melee, Ranged and Tactical Critical Hit Avoidance have been consolidated on the UI into Critical Hit Avoidance.
  • Tooltips for the main stats in the character panel now show their contributions to other ratings.

New Stat – Finesse

For all of those players who think the random number generator has it out for them, this is the stat for you! Finesse is a ratings-based stat that will directly reduce the Resistance of monsters as well as their Block/Parry/Evade ratings. This stat will appear primarily on instance/raid/PvMP loot, but there will be a few pieces available with Finesse from quests and crafting. This new stat is a two-sided weapon because monsters will also have access to it. Most landscape monsters won't have much, if any Finesse, but expect high difficulty instance/raid Boss monsters to have quite a bit.

Stat Consolidation

  • Resistance – This stat will replace the various resistance ratings to specific types Fear, Disease, Poison and Wound. Effects will still have a specific resistance type because some skills will modify a specific resistance but, in general, you will use your Resistance stat as your base chance to resist an effect.
  • Tactical Mitigation – This stat will replace the various mitigation types used for the tactical skills: Fire, Lightning, Frost, Acid and Shadow. Damage will still have a damage type because some skills will modify a specific mitigation but, in general, you will mitigate tactical damage using your Tactical Mitigation stat.
  • Critical Hit Rating – Will replace the separate Melee, Ranged and Tactical Critical Hit ratings previously appearing on items. Critical Hit rating will enable all attacks to have an increased chance to critical hit.

New Primary Stat Contributions

  • Removal of all secondary characteristics. These include Block, Parry, Evade, Critical, Accuracy, etc. It does not include equipment use, critical defence or the special weapon traits of the Warden and Burglar.
  • Increased the ratings contributions of primary stats to offset the removal of secondary characteristics.
  • All offence ratings (Melee, Ranged, and Tactical) will now have the same primary stat*10 contribution depending on the class.
    • Burglar – Offence rating based off Agility.
    • Captain – Offence and Outgoing Healing based off Might
    • Champion – Offence rating based off Might
    • Guardian – Offence rating based off Might
    • Hunter – Offence rating based off Agility
    • Lore-master – Offence based off Will
    • Minstrel – Offence based off Will
    • Rune-keeper – Offence based off Will
    • Warden – Offence based off Might.



  • Receive Dual-wield at Level 1.
  • Receive Medium Armor at Level 1.
  • Double-edge Strike can now be trained at Level 6.
  • Trick: Counter Defence can now be trained at Level 24 (since Double-edge Strike was moved).
  • Leaf-walker Deed is now available at Level 10 and advances by using the Sneak skill.
  • Riddle and Confound no longer have any restrictions on Genus type.
  • The functionality of the skill Seize Initiative has been incorporated into the skill "Escape Clause."
  • The Improved versions of skills granted by the Legendary Capstone traits "Practiced Bluff", "Little Annoyances", and "Dealings Done" are now outside of the Crit chain. They no longer require Double-edged Strike to be used before hand.
  • After being revived by a player, there is a brief opportunity to re-enable "Mischief," "Quiet Knife" or "Gambler" while in combat.
  • Gambler Trait-line 4-set bonus now tells this truth: "+40% Gamble Chance for 30s upon Devastating Critical." (It used to say 30%, which was wrong.)
  • Cooldown of Escape Clause has been lowered from 20m to 10m.
  • The Burgle skill is now more effective in providing equipment and items closer to the monster's level and can now provide some additional goodies.
  • Mischief Maker: Additional 3-set Bonus: -5s Cooldown on Reveal Weakness.
  • Mischief Maker: Additional 4-set Bonus: -5s Cooldown on all Tricks.
  • Skill: Counter Defense: Reduced the Block, Parry, Evade Rating debuff to be more in line with other skills, monster ratings, and to work properly with Finesse.
  • Using Hide in Plain Sight when already stealthed now makes you disappear properly.


  • Trait: Battle-master: The damage increase is now being properly applied to the second strike of Pressing Attack.
  • Skill: Time of Need: Reduced cooldown from 20m to 5m.
  • Legacy: Time of Need Cooldown: Has been adjusted to support the new cooldown of Time of Need.
  • Skill: Shield of the Dunedain: Now a 'Fast' skill.
  • Skill: Shield of the Dunedain: Reduced cooldown from 10m to 5m.
  • Legacy: Shield of the Dunedain Cooldown: Has been adjusted to support the new cooldown of Shield of the Dunedain.
  • Skill: War-cry: Now provides -15% Attack Duration (previously -10%).
  • Skill: In Defence of Middle-earth: The values of the buff now continue increasing past level 50.
  • Skill: Herald of War: The buff values will continue to increase past level 50.
  • Trait: Defy Corruption: The value from the buff will now scale with level.
  • Leader of Men: Improved Kick: Moved from the 3-set bonus to the 2-set bonus.
  • Leader of Men: The 3-set bonus is now "-10s Threatening Shout Cooldown."
  • Trait: Adherent of Elendil: Moved from the Leader of Men line to "Lead the Charge," replacing the subpar trait, "Focused Strikes".
  • Trait: There is a new trait under Leader of Men called "Echoing Shout" which allows the skill "Threatening Shout" to affect up to 3 targets.
  • Trait: Relentless Optimism: Potency increased from 10% to 50%.
  • Skill: In Defence of Middle-earth: This skill is now a toggle (no cost).
  • Legendary Trait: Removed the +15s Cooldown penalty to “Shadow's Lament” from the Legendary Capstone trait "Master of War."
  • Legendary Trait: Change "Receive Battle-readied on Crit" to "Receive Battle-readied on Hit" for the Legendary Capstone trait "Master of War."
  • Trait: Due to the reduced cooldown on “Time of Need,” “Composure” no longer resets “Cry of Vengeance.”
  • Trait: Composure now reduces the Morale cost of “Time of Need” by 50%
  • Skill: Inspire (all versions): Cooldown increased from 3s to 15s to match the duration of the heal-over-time effects it places on your allies.
  • Skill: Noble Mark: Removed the damage over time component of the skill and added an effect which will reduce the perceived threat of whoever (except for the Captain) attacks the targeted mob.
  • Trait: Strength from Within: No longer prevents the Captain from summoning Heralds or Archers.
  • Trait: Blood of Numenor: Now affects “Cry of Vengeance” and also reduces induction time of “Escape from Darkness.”
  • The Legacy "In Defence of Middle-earth Duration" has been changed to "Words of Courage Pulses."
  • Trait: Blood of Numenor has been moved to "Hands of Healing" trait line.
  • Trait: Subtle Command has been moved to "Leader of Men" trait line.
  • Trait: Subtle Command is now "Improved Routing Cry" which adds a force attack to “Routing Cry.”
  • Legendary Trait: Defy Corruption: Changed to "Fellowship-brother." This trait allows the various 'Brother' skills to affect your fellowship with lesser versions of their effects.
  • Legendary Trait: Leader of Men: Now allows “Routing Cry” to be used without a Defeat Event.
  • Trait: Blood of Numenor: Reduces the cooldown of “Escape from Darkness” by 10m.
  • Captain's base power per level has been slightly adjusted. The growth rate was inconsistent, starting low, then getting high, then reducing again. It has been evened out. This will cause mid level Captains to have more Power (41 more Power at level 40) and higher level Captains to have less (largest reduction is the loss of 19 power at level 60.) At level 65, Power has been reduced by a total of 9.
  • Legendary Traits: "Defy Corruption" has been changed to "Fellowship-brother." This trait allows the various 'Brother' skills to affect your fellowship with lesser versions of their effects.
  • Legendary Trait: Leader of Men: Now allows Routing Cry to be used without a Defeat Event.
  • Trait: Blood of Númenór: Reduces the cooldown of Escape from Darkness by 10m.
  • Legendary Trait: Leader of Men: Captains are able to Block when wielding a 2-handed weapon.


  • There was an issue with the Champion's Power Mod for strike skills where it was not applying to “Merciful Strike.” This has been fixed.
  • Skill: Ardent Flurry has been renamed while in Fervour; new name is “Fervent Flurry.” The skill will also no longer expire removing Fervour.
  • Skill: True Heroics: Should now correctly alter skills based on stance.
  • Second Wind and Improved Second Wind will now provide power restoration evey 2 seconds for ten seconds.
  • Skill: Red Haze: This skill will no longer remain permanently active after used. If traited, the bonus will apply in Ardour, though there is no icon.
  • Descriptions on Fervour and Ardour have been updated.
  • Skill: Wild Attack: Will now daze appropriately when the Champion has Athletic traited.
  • Skill: Blood Rage: No longer has a delay between execution and using another skill. This was not solved by making this an immediate skill. “Blood Rage” will now execute and animate and then allow for the player to execute new skills.
  • Trait: Athletic: Now reduces the cooldown on “Sprint” by 12 seconds and allow for the next “Wild Attack” to stun the target. This will invoke stun immunity on the target and will not affect all of the creatures in the game. Each use will also trigger the diminishing returns of crowd control abilities in PvMP.
  • There was a tooltip in the Sprint description that was addressed.
  • The legacy for Sudden Defence parry and Evade rating has been renamed and repurposed to increase the armor value gained by “Hedge” while in Glory stance.
  • The legacy for Sudden Defence Duration has been renamed and repurposed to decrease the cooldown of “Sudden Defence.”
  • The legacy for Rising Ire has been renamed and repurposed to increase the duration on “Battle Acuity.” This will now provide up to a 1 second bonus on the duration of the skill.
  • Trait: Tight Grip: Now correctly lowers the cooldown of “Hedge” while in and not in Glory Stance.
  • Benefits granted from deep traiting will now be passed on to stances.
  • The power benefit of Ardour is now functioning in the baseline version of the stance.
  • The Swift Blade tooltip no longer has a typo where the skill is described as “sweeing.” We don't know what sweeing is, but it kind of sounds dirty.
  • Skill: Improved Seeking Blade: Now correctly overwrites the baseline skill.
  • Skill: Sprint: Can now be used in combat.
  • Skill: True Heroics: Now correctly applies all effects to enemies and to allies. This is true of the functionality in each stance.
  • The effect that enhanced incoming damage for the traited version of braced against defeat will now apply correctly.
  • Trait: Bountiful Mercy will now increase the health threshold for the use of “Merciful Strike” to 50% health. This skill is being watched closely because of the significant and spammy damage that it can apply.
  • Fervour will no longer be generated when using the traited version of Blade-wall out of combat, you will need a target and a successful hit.
  • Skill: True Heroics: No longer refers to requiring a defeat response to activate the skill.
  • Skill: Second Wind: No longer refers to requiring a defeat response to activate the skill.
  • Fixed some errant icons.
  • Skill: Glorious Exchange: Now adds a FFervour pip ~75% of the time that the reactive vital procs.
  • Trait: Time of Need: This trait has been altered to reduce the cooldown of “Dire Need” by 5 minutes and to provide 5 pips upon activation. Dire Need now advances to Improved Dire Need at level 70.
  • Deed: Dirt Cheap: Altered to reflect that it no longer enhances a skill called “Fighting Dirty;” all references correctly identify “Battle Acuity.”
  • As champions can now only block with their faces, the deed for “At the Ready” has been altered to no longer require block; the skill will, instead, use Ebbing and Rising Ire to advance and will have a greatly reduced requirement.
  • Bonuses from Ardour, Fervour and Glory should now be applied correctly. There was an issue that was preventing these from working.
  • Skill: Improved Feral Strikes: Once again uses the correct animation. The animation issue was an artifact of a bygone stage of development where the skill was going to merge... are you actually still reading this?
  • Trait: Controlled Fury This trait should now add the “Red Haze” bonus effect to the “Controlled Burn” skill. Additionally, we fixed the duration of the “Controlled Burn” skill. It will now last for 45 seconds, as it was supposed to. Let the cry of "Orion sucks! He nerfed CB!" commence!
  • Trait: Swift to Anger: Now correctly alters “Red Haze” while in Ardour. There is even a handy icon visible to show you that the effect is there...and working...and stuff.
  • Skill: Continuous Blood Rage: Was dealing too much damage to the Champion. We have made adjustments to the damage dealt by the skill. These numbers may not yet be final, but they are far more friendly to the Champion now.
  • We fixed an issue with “Improved Feral Strikes” where it was using the “Brutal Strikes” icon.
  • Skill: Controlled Fury would like to go on record and say that Controlled Fury no longer mentions altering Controlled Fury. Instead, Controlled Fury now correctly identifies that Controlled Fury alters “Controlled Burn” in Controlled Fury's tooltip.
  • Trait: Battle Acumen now correctly identifies Battle Acuity as the skill which it modifies.
  • The tooltip for the trait that improves Second Wind has been changed to reflect what the bonus will actually be -- 2% power every 2 seconds for 1 seconds.
  • The Improved Seeking Blade effect will now correctly be removed when using Relentless and Remorseless Strike and it will also correctly apply the buff...once removed.
  • Iconography used to denote the negative flurry effect on targets of the True Heroics skill while in Ardour is no longer green. It is now yellow like most debuffs.
  • Fixed a typo in the description for "At the Ready."
  • Blocking Blades Legacy has been renamed and repurposed -- "Seeking Blade Critical Chance" increases the critical chance of Seeking Blade.
  • Sudden Defence Cooldown legacy reduced to 120 seconds max.
  • Dire Need Cooldown Legacy reduced to 60 seconds max.
  • Ferocious Strikes Cooldown legacy reduced to 5 seconds max.
  • Invincible no longer resets skills when activated. It now increases the level of mitigation significantly. This is pretty epic in scale.
  • Wild Attack Tooltip will now correctly inform the player of the abilities that are being added to the skill via traits.
  • Blade-wall now correctly displays information when it is being modified by the trait Aggressive Exchange.
  • True Heroics in Fervour will now correctly add 10% to critical chance.
  • Raging Blade will now correctly reapply Combat Acuity buff, provided it is still active on the Champion.
  • Cleaned up the additional information offered on strikes from the trait Deep Strikes.
  • Because we have removed the -% healing on Fervour we have made "Bracing Attack" heal the same amount regardless of stance.
  • Skill: Flurry: Should not be activated when the champion is in Fervour and has the improved version of the Flurry skill available.
  • Sudden Defence Cooldown legacy is now working as intended.
  • An errant tooltip has been updated for Controlled Fury. It now correctly states the enhancement offered by the trait.
  • Battle Acuity has been moved to level 44.
  • Rend (formerly Cleave) will no longer advance the Deed, "At the Ready."
  • Trait: Reprisal: Correctly states that it influences the threat generated by "Exchange of Blows."
  • Trait: Controlled Burn: Now correctly stacks in all stances and will no longer pull the Champion out of Fervour stance.
  • Ardour has received a spruced up and more relevant descriptive tooltip.
  • Skill: Blade-wall: Now correctly generates a FFervour pip when used while in Ardour stance.
  • Invincible now correctly refers to the bonuses it applies, as does Adamant.
  • Some Champion skills have been renamed for clarity's sake. Deathstorm is now known as Improved Great Cleave. Cleave and Rend are now known as Rend and Improved Rend respectively. Tooltips referencing these skills should have also been updated.
  • Ardour is now available at level 30.
  • Glory is now available at level 20.
  • Legacy scrolls referring to outdated legacies have been updated with the new versions: Sudden Defence Cooldown, Swift Strike/Swift Blade Power Reduction, Battle Acuity Duration and (Glory) Hedge Armour Mod
  • Improved the tooltip for Whirling Retaliation to include the threat transfer.
  • Champions can now train bow use at level 18.
  • The 5-set bonus for the Champion's Blade of the West will now function correctly with "Fervent Flurry."
  • Battle Acuity and Enhanced Battle Acuity will now be refreshed as part of the Raging Blade bonus.
  • Ardour will no longer increase the damage on all skills in the Champion's arsenal, instead the stance will only affect AoE skills.
  • Controlled Burn will no longer provide several effect durations without descriptors. There is still one little issue.
  • Adamant and Invincible now provide far deeper tooltip information.
  • Skill: Flurry: Can no longer be used when under the effects of Fervent Flurry.
  • Trait: Aggressive Exchange will now display that it modifies the threat generated by "Blade-wall."


  • Guardians get a little more damage to their skills, especially those skills primarily used when a shield is equipped.
  • Skill: Improved Charge: This skill is now overwritten by Falling Injuries.
  • Trait: Selfless Defence: Protection will now add an effect to the protected target that will transfer an amount of threat from the protected target to the Guardian when the protected target is attacked.
  • The bleed applied by the Haemorrhage Legendary trait will now be displayed using the Brutal Assault icon.
  • Trait: Final Straw: This trait will now increase the bonus chance of a Fellowship Manoeuvreat every stack of the "Fray The Edge" debuff.
  • Trait: Stoic: Switched to the Fighter of Shadow trait line.
  • Trait: Threatening Presence: Switched to the Defender of the Free trait line.
  • Trait: Quickness: Replaced the -5% Attack Duration with increasing the Guardian's Parry rating at the expense of Evade rating.
  • Trait: To the Rescue: This skill will now include the +5% attack speed previously on Quickness.
  • Traits: Stoic: The Vitality added will now increase as the Guardian levels up.
  • Traits: Haemorrhage: Now increases all Guardians bleed damage by 15%
  • Skill: Protection: Now useable on escorted NPCs.
  • Skill: Bash and Shield-smash will now interrupt inductions when the monster is stun-immune.
  • New Skill: Protection: By the Sword: A new version of Protection available while in Overpower stance. This new toggle skill will increase the target's melee damage by +2% and transfer any Parry events to the Guardian while nearby.
  • New Skill: Guardian's Ward Tactics: This skill replaces Guardian's Ward and will also increase the Tactical Mitigation of the Guardian.
  • New Skill: Improved Overwhelm: This skill will now add a debuff to the target's Block/Parry/Evade ratings.
  • New Skill: Improved Whirling Retaliation: This skill is now useable after a Parry event and adds the Retaliation event when used so that the Parry chain can proceed.
  • New Skill: Improved Turn the Tables: This skill will now not be Blocked, Parried, Evaded or Miss an on-level target.
  • New Skill: Improved Guardian's Defence: This skill will now place an effect on anything that attacks the Guardian. This effect will lower the movement speed of the attacker if it does not continue to attack the Guardian.
  • New Skill: Improved Challenge: This skill will now place an effect on a monster that will lower the movement speed of the monster if it does not continue to attack the Guardian for the next 30 seconds.
  • Skill: Ignore the Pain: Now grants a Block event in addition to removing Wounds.


  • Dual Wielding and Medium Armour are now available at level 1.
  • Skill: Quick Shot Increased the de-taunt amount while in Endurance Stance. Increased the critical chance of while in Precision Stance.
  • Stance: Strength: Removed the threat and Power use penalties.
  • Stance: Precision: Remove the penalty to target's Block/Parry/Evade ratings. This stance will now add 1 Focus every 5 seconds.
  • Stance: Endurance: Added Increase Parry chance +5%.
  • Skill: Beneath Care renamed to Improved Beneath Notice.
  • Skill: Set Snare: This bleed will now stack from multiple Hunters.
  • Skill: Scourging Blow: Removed the bonus Critical Chance of the base skill. Increased the damage when the "Barbed Arrow" bleed is removed.
  • Skill: Press Onwards: The induction has been reduced to 4 seconds. Induction is no longer canceled by damage but is knocked back normally.
  • Skill: Needful Haste: Reduced the duration to 15 seconds. Reduced the Cooldown to 1m 30s. This skill is now usable while moving and is slightly faster.
  • Skill: Blood Arrow: Now useable while moving.
  • New Skill: Split Shot: 1.5 second induction skill. Grants 1 Focus. 10 second cooldown. This skill will attack the target plus one additional target nearby.
  • Skill: Hunter's Art: Costs 3 Focus. This skill applies a stackable buff to the Hunter dependent on what stance the Hunter is in as well as damaging the target. Strength Stance: +5% Ranged Damage. Precision Stance: Increased Finesse. Endurance Stance: Increased In-combat Power Regen.
  • Trait: Strong Draw: Changed to increase the damage of "Penetrating Shot" and "Blood Arrow" by +10%.
  • Trait: Graceful Draw: Removed from the game.
  • Trait: Spring Loaded Traps: Replaces Graceful Draw. This trait adds an effect to "Set Trap" that will increase all damage done to the target for 10 seconds.
  • Trait: Heightened Senses: Adds -10% power usage.
  • Traits: Heart of the Bard: Changed to now reduce the active cooldown of "Heart-seeker" by 20 seconds for each use of "Bard's Arrow."
  • Trait: Stealthy Shot: Now also adds -10% threat generation.
  • Trait: Swift Recovery: Changed to "Needful Haste" cooldown reduced -30 seconds.
  • Trait: Enduring Precision – Removed from the game, changed into Earthborn.
  • Trait: Earthborn: Replaces Enduring Precision. This skill adds +20% to the morale and power restore of "Strength of the Earth." "Strength of the Earth" will also now generate 1 Focus per second.
  • Trait: Arrow Storm: Changed to scoring a Critical Hit on "Rain of Arrows" will reset the cooldown of "Rain of Arrows" and "Split Shot."
  • Trait: Resolute Aim: Removed the restriction on working with "Press Onward."
  • Trait: Sturdy Traps: Now also adds +25% trap damage
  • Trait: Strong Intimidations: Add -5% chance for Fear skills to be resisted.
  • Traits: Improved Fleetness: Removed the -10% attack speed bonus. Add +1 Focus every 5 seconds.
  • Trait Set: Bowmaster 3 equipped traits: Removed +3% Strength stance power cost. Changed +3% Strength Stance Damage to +3% Ranged Damage.
  • Trait Set: Bowmaster 4 equipped traits: Removed +7% Strength stance power cost and +7% Strength stance Damage. Added +1% Ranged damage for each Bowmaster trait equipped and +10% Penetrating Shot Critical chance.
  • Trait Set: Huntsman 3 equipped traits – Removed "Strength of the Earth" gives Morale regen and increased Power. Added +1 "Split Shot" targets.
  • Trait Set: Huntsman 4 equipped traits: Removed -10% Bow Inductions. Added -2% Bow inductions for each Huntsman trait equipped and -30% Penetrating Shot power cost.
  • Trait Set: Trapper of Foes 2 equipped traits: Removed in-combat Power regen. Added -50% trap skill inductions.
  • Trait Set: Trapper of Foes 3 equipped traits: Remove -5% Ranged damage and -50% Trap inductions. Added -30s Trap cooldowns.
  • Trait Set: Trapper of Foes 4 equipped traits – Removed "Penetrating Shot" adds a target root, -30s trap cooldowns and -10% ranged damage. Added "Penetrating Shot" reduces the target's Block, Parry and Evade ratings. The reduction is increased as additional Trapper of Foes traits are equipped.
  • New Skill: Improved Focus: This skill will now put a short duration buff on you that grants +25% critical hit chance and +25% critical damage
  • New Skill: Improved Penetrating Shot: Removed the cooldown.
  • New Skill: Improved Strength of the Earth: This skill will now add Morale over time as well as Power. The skill is no longer interruptible on damage.
  • New Skill: Improved Scourging Blow: A successful use of this skill makes your next "Barbed Arrow" have no induction time.
  • New Skill: Improved Quick Shot: Gains a 30% chance to generate an additional point of Focus. Stacks with the Huntsman trait set bonus to 50%
  • Added Hunter "Travel to Galtrev" skill to Dunland reputation.


  • Skill: Continual Air-lore: No longer toggled off when you are disarmed.
  • Coordination buff no longer reduces the induction of map skills.
  • The "Warding Knowledge" skills have been consolidated into one skill.
  • The "Warding Knowledge" skills now include additional Genuses.
  • "Leechcraft" and "Tend the Sick" have been consolidate into one skill: "Knowledge of Cures."
  • New Skill: Knowledge of Cures: This skill removes three diseases, three wounds, does not provide a buff to Resistances and can be used in combat. The cooldown of this skill is 10 seconds. At level 62, this skill can be upgraded to "Improved Knowledge of Cures" to eliminate the Induction time.
  • "Sign of Battle: Wizardry" and "Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire" have been consolidated into one skill.
  • "Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire" cannot be resisted (though the DoT effect can be.)
  • "Improved Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire" is now available at Level 54. This upgrade eliminates the cooldown of the skill.
  • The trait "Improved Sign of Battle" now provides +25% to damage.
  • Skill: Back from the Brink: Range increased from 5m to 25m. This skill no longer requires a material component and no longer debuffs the target.
  • Skill: Blinding Flash: No longer restricted by the Genus of mobs affected.
  • "Ancient Wisdom" is now a Passive Skill. The bonus to "Ancient Wisdom" has been removed from the trait "Power and Wisdom" and factored into the new Passive Skill.
  • Trait: Improved Storm-lore: Now increases all Lightning Damage.
  • Trait: Explosive Force: Consolidated with "Fast Loader."
  • New Trait: "The Study of Frost-lore"
  • Trait: "Master of Beasts" has been consolidated with " The Wild and Ward" and improved.
  • New Trait: "Improved Inner Flame"
  • Trait Line: Keeper of Animals 4-set Bonus: Added decreased cooldown on "Inner Flame."
  • Skill: Wisdom of the Council: Cooldown reduced from 10m to 5m.
  • Skill: Call to the Valar: Cooldown reduced from 10m to 5m. The power cost of this skill has been increased.
  • "Beast-lore" has been combined with the trait "Hardy Companion".
  • New Trait: "Improved Flanking"
  • Skill: Frost-lore: Removed the "Lock-up Loremaster's Computer" effect when casting the skill while disarmed.
  • Skill: Back from the Brink: Targets now revive with 30% Morale.


  • Ballad bonuses for being in War-speech will now correctly state and increase damage done by 25%.
  • Skill: Battle-hymn: No longer references "Cry of the Valar."
  • Stance: Harmony: Now states that it increases damage by 15% when dealt from ballads.
  • "Echoes of Battle," "Timeless Echoes of Battle" and "Melody of Battle" now have enhanced tooltips.
  • "Cry of the Valar" and "Cry of the Wizards" will no longer require you to have three Ballads active before the skills can be executed.
  • Minstrel healing, while in War-speech, will be self only.
  • Fixed a typo in the HoT for Chord of Salvation.
  • New Minstrels can now complete their newbie quest with the correctly acquired skill.
  • Trait: Powerful Voice: Now functions properly.
  • New Minstrels starting out as Elves can now complete their training quest.
  • Voice of the West Armour now provides a -3% increase to the power reduction offered by all Ballad buffs. This replaces the previous tiered ranking.
  • The legacy for Tier 1 Ballad damage has been renamed and repurposed to affect the damage output of Perfect Ballads.
  • The legacy for Tier 2 Ballad damage has been renamed and repurposed to affect the damage output of Minor Ballads.
  • The legacy for "Ballad of War" has been renamed and repurposed to now affect the "Anthem of War" (Melee) component.
  • The legacy for" Ballad of Unshakable Will" (Ranged) has been renamed and repurposed to now affect the "Anthem of War" (Ranged) component. Additionally the cost to advance this legacy has been normalized.
  • The legacy for "Ballad of Flame (Tactical)" has been renamed and repurposed to now affect the "Anthem of War (Tactical)" component.
  • The legacy for War-speech Tail Effect has been repurposed to Increase Anthem durations up to a maximum of 1 seconds.
  • The legacy for "Still as Death" duration has been reduced to a maximum of 12 seconds.
  • The legacy "Cure Fear" cooldown renamed to "Story of Courage." Works on both skills.
  • The legacy Target Resist Rating ("Cry of the Valar") changed to Target Resist Rating ("Invocation of Elbereth.")
  • Skill: Anthem of Prowess: No longer uses hit effects or damaging sound effects.
  • The legacy "Ballad of Unshakable Will" Buff Mod has been repurposed and renamed to reflect what it now affects - "Anthem of Composure" (Resistance).
  • The legacy Ballad of Fire Buff Mod has been renamed and repurposed to reflect what it now affects - "Anthem of Composure" (Tactical Defence).
  • The legacy Song of Restoration Recovery Mod now has a max reduction of 6 seconds.
  • The legacy Triumphant Spirit Recovery Mod now has a max reduction of 12 seconds.
  • The legacy Anthem Damage Multiplier Mod has been repurposed to affect Cry and Coda damage.
  • Minstrel medium armor that is both bound and equipped will be converted to light armor upon login. The rest of the armor's statistics will remain unchanged.
  • Anthem flags will now be removed. This will result in Codas functioning the way they should rather than applying a healthy dose of every anthem bonus associated with every anthem that you have previously played.
  • Codas can now be used on players and on monster players. Apparently, players and monster players did not like hearing the end of a musical movement. If left unchecked, this could create "The Song That Never Ends."
  • The tooltip for Major Ballad was drawing from the wrong skill.
  • Changes to the Minstrel Major Ballad caused the newbie quest to train it to become confusing. This has been addressed.
  • Major Ballad will offer a small heal to fellow members within 12 meters while using no stance. When in Harmony or War-speech, Major Ballad converts to a low damage ballad that targets one opponent.Cry of the Chorus will now apply Ballad buffs according to stance. Melody will give you three healing buffs, Harmony three power buffs and War-speech will provide three damage buffs.
  • Legacies for Anthem of War and Anthem of Flame no longer reference the previous Ballads.
  • The Anthem duration legacy should now correctly be increasing the duration of Anthems.
  • Graceful Demeanor will now reduce the cooldown of Rally by 5 minutes.
  • The bonus calls while healing should once again function for those not in War-speech.
  • Skill: Anthem of War: No longer displays the coda effects twice.
  • Song of the Hammerhand will no longer expire too quickly. At the same time, Gift of the Hammerhand will expire more quickly. The skill durations were transposed and have now been fixed.
  • Song/Story of the Hammerhand and Gift of the Hammerhand will now correctly cost 5% of the Minstrel's maximum power.
  • Skill: Improved Chorus of Salvation: Cooldown has been decreased to 15 seconds.
  • The Deed for Life-singer has been altered to reflect being advanced by all Healing and Motivation skills.
  • Trait: Discordant Melody: Fixed a typo in the description.
  • The tooltip for War-speech has been cleaned up a little.
  • The free "Bolster Courage" offered by the "Anthem of the Third Age" Coda effect will now be removed after being used.
  • Trait: Enduring Morale: Added clarity to the tooltip.
  • Cry of the Wizards, Cry of the Valar and the Improved Cry of the Valar can now be used while moving.
  • Text for Cry of the Chorus and Improved Cry of the Chorus has been updated to reflect the new versions of the skill.
  • Skill: Song of Aid: Altered to now grant the War-speech unlock, the healing unlock and a free "Bolster Courage."
  • Trait: Heralded Resolve: Correctly modifies Herald's Strike to give Power back instead of Morale.
  • The icon for the Minor Ballad bonus has been altered to reflect that it offers damage. The background was made red.
  • Tooltip for "Anthem of War" no longer repeats the word Coda three time within 6 words.
  • The Deed for "Enduring Morale" has been altered to use any healing skill, not just Major Ballad (in Melody).
  • The Deed for "Powerful Voice" will now advance off of any Cry or Invocation use.
  • The Deed for "Light in the Dark" now correctly refers to the Minor Ballad skill.
  • The Deed for "Enduring Morale" has had its difficulty tier reduced to level 15, since the deed is now bestowed at level 10.
  • The Deed "Harmonic Resonance" will now advance on the use of any Ballad or Coda.
  • Anthem of the Third Age (War-speech) will only reset "Call of the Second Age;" this is the correct implementation of the skill.
  • Trait: Smooth Voice: Now correctly decreases the cost of Minstrel Ballads.
  • Anthem of the Third Age (Harmony), Anthem of War, and Anthem of Compassion will now activate correctly when traited four deep in Protector of Song, Warrior-skald and Watcher of Resolve, respectively.
  • Skill: Improved Song of Soothing: Should now correctly remove the Induction from the Song of Soothing Skill.
  • Cry of the Chorus has had its description updated to no longer include reference to Ballad tiers.
  • Skill: Song of Aid: Now correctly refers to the bonus given to Minstrels as Free Bolster Courage and Free War-speech Calls.
  • Vigour of the Minstrel will no longer stack.
  • Skill: Noble Cause: Will now display the duration on the effect tooltip.
  • Skill: Coda of Resonance: Damage has been reduced to levels that fit with a skill that heals and deals damage. The Coda will now only affect six enemy targets.
  • Raise My Spirit, the version of "Raise Spirit" in War-speech, will now advance the deed for Improved Raise the Spirit.
  • Skill: Echoes of Battle: This skill, in all its forms, will now properly be removed when switching stances.
  • Trait: Light in the Dark: Now only affects Coda Damage.
  • The icon for Harmony is now unique and reflects both damage and healing.
  • Trait: Silver Tongue: This trait no longer decreases the cooldown of songs.
  • Skill: Anthem of the Third Age (Harmony): Correctly lowers the cost of Anthems.
  • Icons for Echoes of Battle are now correct.
  • Story of Courage and Improved Story of Courage will no longer be hidden when applied to the target. It will now appear as a normal buff.
  • The 4 trait bonus for Warrior-skald now references the correctly identified War-speech Ballad Damage.
  • All legacy scrolls referring to outdated legacies have been updated with the new versions: Anthem of War (Melee Damage), Anthem of War (Tactical Damage), Anthem of War (Ranged Damage), Anthem of Composure (Tactical Defence), Anthem of Composure (Resistance), Minor Ballad Damage, Perfect Ballad Damage, Anthem Duration, Invocation of Elbereth Resist, and the Story of Courage Mod.
  • Skill: Chord of Salvation: No longer has a second cooldown when under the effects of Call to Greatness.
  • There was a terribly strange tooltip that appeared in the Fear immunity portion of the "Fellowship Heart" effect buffs. This has been fixed.. and we blame Comet Elenin.
  • Song of the Dead Legacy will now function.
  • Skill: Call to Greatness: Correctly refers to granting the Champion the Seeking Blade effect when used.
  • Skill: Anthem of the Third Age (Harmony): Now reapplied in each case, permanent or not.
  • Trait: Absolute Pitch: This tooltip was worded oddly, but this has been rectified.
  • Skill Chord of My Salvation (War-speech): Fixed typos in this skill. The HoT applying to fellows in the improved version of the War-speech skill is by design.
  • The deed to acquire the improved version of "Echoes of Battle" will now advance on the use of any version of the skill.
  • Skill: Song of Aid: Fixed typos in the tooltip.
  • Trait: Heralded Saviour: Now displays the bonus it will grant to each swing of "Herald's Strike" when the "Noble Cause" skill is used.
  • Skill: Coda of Resonance: Displays the healing effect that it applies when used.
  • Instruments have been redone to fit with the changes to Minstrels. This should provide a wide variety of instrument use for Minstrels.
  • Skill: Improved Enlivening Grace: The tooltip no longer refers to an overly large radius for use.
  • Skill: Noble Cause: The tooltip now includes a bit that explains that the next three Herald's Strikes or Improved Herald's Strikes do not invoke cooldowns.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue with War-speech. Not telling you what was done. You can figure that out on your own.
  • Fixed a typo in the tooltip for Harmony.
  • The 4-set bonuses for minstrel trait line specs now all explain that the anthem that will remain in place is still removed by the coda.
  • Skill: Melody of Battle (Melody): Now uses the correct icon for the effect.


  • All damage over time (DoT) and heal over time (HoT) skills have had the formula that determines initial damage changed. They now deal the same damage or healing for the initial pulse as they do for the secondary pulses. At level 1-50, there will be no change. At over level 50, players with on level Legendary Items will see an increase in the initial pulse.
  • New Skill: Improved Prelude to Hope: If used on an ally who has Prelude to Hope currently active, will grant power back to the Rune-keeper. This skill is available at level 66.
  • New Skill: Improved Essay of Fire: For the next 5 seconds, your fire skills will have no inductions. This skill is available at level 68.
  • New Skill: Improved Rousing Words: If channeled for 5 seconds on an ally, they will gain a tier of Writ of Health. This skill is available at level 70.
  • New Skill: Improved Sustaining Bolt: When used at 9 Battle attunement, restores some power in addition to reducing power expenditures. This skill is available at level 72.
  • New Skill: Improved Scathing Mockery: DoT component of the skill has been removed. It now will apply a tier of Writ of Fire to all affected targets. This skill is available at level 74.
  • Skill: Fiery Ridicule: Induction reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds. Damage reduced to compensate. Power cost reduced to facilitate a higher cast rate.
  • Skill: Essence of Flame: No longer a DoT. The full damage will be applied when the skill is used. Induction reduced by 1 seconds, cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.
  • Skill: Writ of Fire: Reduced power cost.
  • Skill: Ceaseless Argument: Reduced damage.
  • Skill: Shocking Words: Increased damage, increased power cost.
  • Skill: Sustaining Bolt: Decreased damage, though trait set now greatly increases damage, netting higher damage than before this update. Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 30 seconds. Power reduction effects added even if the skill is resisted.
  • Skill: Essence of Storm: Small damage increase.
  • Skill: Epic Conclusion: Damage increase.
  • Skill: Do Not Fall To X (Fire, Frost, Storm): No longer fully negates the next elemental attack. This skill instead greatly reduces the damage. Now leaves a trailing buff to Tactical Armor after an attack triggers the resistance. Attunement shift increased to 2.
  • Skill: The Blade Shall Not Wound / The Fang Shall Not Poison: Resistance rating replaced with a flat percent chance to avoid debuffs of the appropriate variety. The skills now stack with each other (can have both active at the same time). Attunement shift increased to 3.
  • Skill: Armaments of X: Renamed to “Improved Weapon of X”
  • Skill: Master of Writs: Now usable outside combat.
  • Skill: Self-motivation: Attunement shift increased to 4.
  • Skill: Do Not Fall This Day: Cooldown reduced to 10 minutes. Can now be used on any player, regardless of fellowship status (though still not on the Rune-keeper himself.) Do Not Fall This Day can now only be used while in combat, and on a target who is in combat.
  • Skill: Shall Not Fall This Day – Renamed to “Improved Do Not Fall This Day.” Duration has been changed to the duration of combat. No longer increases defenses of the player.
  • Skill: Essay of Exaltation: Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes from 10. Healing amount reduced.
  • Skill: Abrupt Words: Renamed to “Final Word.”
  • Skill: Final Words: Renamed to “Improved Final Word.”
  • Skill: Armour of X: Now provides tactical armour, instead of armour only against the affinity of the skill.
  • Skill: Word of Exaltation: Now provides a bubble (temporary morale). Damage reduction reduced from -40% to -10%. Duration remains the same.
  • Skill: All Fates Entwined: Renamed to “Improved Fates Entwined”
  • Skill: Fall to X: Now increases incoming damage of the affinity (ie: increased incoming lightning damage.) No longer reduces resistance chance.
  • Skill: Calming Verse: Attunement shift increased to 3.
  • Skill: Shocking Touch: Attunement shift increased to 3.
  • Skill: Steady Hands: Removed power cost. Induction can no longer be knocked
  • Skill: Essay of Fire: Now usable at all attunements. Power cost has been doubled. While at 6+ Battle attunement, the Power cost of this skill is halved.
  • Skill: Mending Verse: Healing on initial pulse decreased. Power cost increased.
  • Skill: Prelude to Hope: Reduced healing.
  • Skill: Writ of Health: Reduced healing at tier 1 and tier 2. Tier 3 healing remains the same.
  • Trait: Rune of Endurance: Will no longer grant bonus healing if players move quickly in and out of the affected area. This trait will also heal for closer to 30% more than before.
  • Trait: Winter-storm: Changed to now make critical hits with "Essence of Storm" reset the cooldown of "Essence of Winter." Also, reduces the power cost of all "Chill of Winter" skills is reduced by 5%.
  • Trait: Frost-burn: This trait has been changed. It will now states: "'Writ of Cold' will reduce the active cooldown of 'Scathing Mockery' by 3 seconds."
  • Trait: Thunderous Words: Now increases Finesse.
  • Trait: Closing Remarks – Changed from +50% damage per effect, to +15% critical chance and +15% damage per effect.
  • Trait: Master of Tragedy: Now increases critical rating.
  • Trait: That Which Does Not Kill Us: Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes from 10 minutes. Healing reduced.
  • Trait: Conflagration of Runes: Bonus damage reduced to 10% per DoT on the foe. Now makes Fiery Ridicule into an area of effect skill that can strike up to 3 targets.
Trait Sets

Benedictions of Peace


  • 2 Equipped: "Rune of Restoration" usable at all Attunements and heals 20% more
  • 3 Equipped: -10% Healing Attuned Skill Power Cost, +2 Mending Verse Pulse Count
  • 4 Equipped: "Master of Writs" becomes a Toggle, -5% Threat Generation.


  • 2 Equipped: "Rune of Restoration" usable at all Attunements and heals 20% more
  • 3 Equipped: -10% Healing Attuned Skill Power Cost, +2 Mending Verse Pulse Count
  • 4 Equipped: +2% healing per Benedictions of Peace trait equipped, -5% Threat Generation

Cleansing Fires


  • 2 Equipped: "Fiery Ridicule" usable at all Attunements and -.5s Induction
  • 3 Equipped: -5s "Essence of Flame" Cooldown, -1s Essence of Flame Induction
  • 4 Equipped: -4.5s "Essay of Fire" Induction, -[Level x 6] Penetrate Target Resist


  • 2 Equipped: "Fiery Ridicule" usable at all Attunements and can't be knocked back by damage
  • 3 Equipped: +30% "Essence of Flame" Damage, -10% fire skill costs
  • 4 Equipped: -4.5s "Essay of Fire" Induction, +2% fire damage per Cleansing Fires trait equipped. Bonus Finesse.

Solitary Thunder



  • 2 Equipped: "Chilling Rhetoric" usable at all Attunements and -10s Cooldown
  • 3 Equipped: -5s "Shocking Words" Cooldown, +25% "Fury of Storm" Critical Multiplier
  • 4 Equipped: Occasionally gain the “charged” buff, which makes "Sustaining Bolt" free, +40% "Sustaining Bolt" damage, +2% lightning damage per Solitary Thunder trait equipped
Chisels and Rifflers

All chisels and rifflers now increase both Tactical Damage and Healing Rating, no longer one or the other. In addition, they provide the following benefits:

  • Basic Chisel: Increases Finesse.
  • Chisel of Fire: Increased power regen.
  • Chisel of Lightning: Increased Critical Hit rating.
  • Basic Riffler: Reduced threat from all sources.
  • Riffler of Writs: Now makes Master of Writs a toggle. Power savings reduced to 5% / 10%
  • Riffler of Hope: Increase the potency of the initial pulse by 100%.


  • Skill: Surety of Death: Now benefits from the Fist trait line and Confidence trait benefits.
  • Skill: Never Surrender: Now correctly blocks access to masteries and removes HoT pulses after triggering the heal. This skill will also affect Fist HoTs as well as Shield HoTs. Additionally, this skill no longer has duplicate icons, or a placeholder icon. The positive version of the skill is using the captain last stand icon.
  • Skill: Deadly Insult: This tooltip now also states that the Warden will increase the damage of their Warden's taunt while this trait is slotted.
  • The tooltip for Confidence now correctly identifies that it will increase damage and heal over time effect pulses.
  • Gambit: Shield Tactics: Now displays a more informative and relevant tooltip. Additionally, it should no longer be possible to be stunned while using Shield Tactics. Anomalies may still occur... but should be far less frequent.
  • Skill: Hampering Javelin: Was not applying bonuses to normal Critical Hits. This has been rectified.
  • Potency icon will now explain what Potency does for the warden.
  • Potency icon is now a flexing arm. This will remain until a suitable replacement can be made.
  • Tooltip for improved versions of "Goad," "Deft Strike" and "Defensive Strike" no longer provide a percentage chance to apply the Potency effect.
  • Gambit: Aggression: We've adjusted the threat transfer upward a little. This should make the skill more functional again. Additionally, the tooltip has been updated with the correct information on what the skill does.
  • Skill: The Dark Before Dawn :Restored the power return for this skill.
  • Bleed removals should now play better with damage types.
  • Trait: Efficient Thrust: The description of the tooltip has been updated to better reflect the functionality of the trait.
  • Skill: Fierce Resolve: Now affects up to ten targets surrounding the Warden.
  • Due to the changes with the "Skill and Power" trait, we have altered the level at which the deed is acquired. The new level is 2.
  • "Mighty Blow" and "Unerring Strike" will no longer remove bleeds. Instead, they will deal extra damage while the bleeds are active.
  • Trait: Skill and Power: Modified to allow for "Careful Step" to set "Ambush" to auto-Critical.
  • Skill power costs have been reduced by 10%.
  • The new Fist + Fist, Spear + Spear, and Shield + Shield masteries will now use their base counterpart's animations. New animations will find their way into the game at a later time.
  • Stun Immunity can no longer be gained infinitely when using Shield Tactics.
  • Wardens can now earn a travel skill from reputation gains with Dunlendings.

Monster Play

  • Monster play is now available to free players! All players will be able to access the Orc Reaver class for free while the remaining Monster class types will be free for current VIPs but must be purchased individually for non-VIPs.
  • Base stats have been improved to stay in line with Freep improvements and changes.
  • The Common mitigations of Creeps have been increased by roughly 20%.
  • Rewards for monster players and players alike now include selectable titles. The rewards are only available to those above rank 1 and require that the event for the rewards is active.
  • The Monster Play character selection/creation screen has gotten a significant facelift! It now looks more like an evil twin of the standard character selection screen.
  • When creating a monster player, you can now choose to be given an appropriate random name.
  • When logging out from Monster Play, you are now returned to the Monster Play character selection screen.
  • Rank 1 rewards for players in the Ettenmoors now have the correct appearance and iconography.
  • All maps for Ettenmoors travel have been converted over into skills.
  • The Artifact buff, "Quiet Calm," now grants bonus Glory and is applied to players in the Ettenmoors.
  • Racial and Corruption traits are now auto-consumed and learned upon purchase.
  • The number of NPCs at Tol Ascarnen, including bridges, has been reduced by roughly 25% for both Freeps & Creeps.
  • Unified and reduced the cost of Creep barter potions.
  • All Ettenmoors barter tokens have a stack size of 500.
  • Creep Skills -- Creeps will have access to all skills by Rank 10. Skills that previously unlocked from Ranks 11-15 have been reduced to 10. NOTE - Traits still have rank requirements of 11-15.


  • Found the delay between skill plays to be a tad long. This has been reduced to make skills feel more responsive.



  • Skill: Protection Aura: Now displays the correct amount of Health gained.
  • Auras no longer have a power per second cost.


Raids, Instances, Skirmishes


Ost Dunhoth
  • Sticky Sap quest no longer advances when a friendly bog lurker dies.
  • Ivar's challenge chest now correctly works every time, all the time.
  • Ivar's Tier 2 Challenge quest now correctly works.


In Their Absence
Dark Delvings
  • Gurvand will always reset to the same spot.
Halls of Night
  • Quests are now gated on having purchased the Halls of Night instance and not the Angmar region.
  • Tortured Spirits have a nameplate portrait image.
  • Colored spirits now have buff icons for color-blind users.
  • Empowered Spirit now raises your defence.
Inn of the Forsaken
  • Players will no longer be stuck in combat after entering the water slide.
  • Waterslide works again and the floor has re-appeared.
  • FR - /stare will now correctly solve the /look riddle
  • Fixed the boss reset issue
  • The Inn of the Forsaken: Stroke at Midnight quest now requires the player to have purchased the content to get the quest. Additionally, this quest is now cancelable.
  • Wood chest and Fancy Gold chest no longer look the same.
  • In the first spinning trap room, healers could not always heal other players further in the room, now they should be able to. Additionally, Skeletons will no longer get stuck at the same location.
  • Skeletons will now run up and to the second floor if players are able to aggro them. They will disregard the grate that was previously preventing them to do so.
Fil Gashan
  • The disguises are no longer unique.
Garth Agarwen
  • Defeating the red-maid very quickly will no longer break the fight.
Dol Guldur Tower
  • Fixed an issue where Morskor was missing his ""Ancient Dread"" aura.
Northcotton Farm
  • Thadur's voice over now has corresponding text in general chat.
  • Player will drop the bucket following a victory or reset of the Umheryn Fight.
Glacier Fortress
Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar
  • The Challenge Quest now fails if you eliminate all of one type of Ergoth's minions. Additionally, the text has been clarified.
Great Barrow
  • Challenge: Samborg: The challenge quest does not re-bestow after failure in a single instance run.


  • Some bosses (always the final boss, and some of the interim bosses in longer instances) in Classic instances over level 45 will now drop unique loot in addition to the usual Skirmish marks. This loot is all level scaled to the level on the instance, to a max of 75.
  • Skirmish traits now rank up to 35.
  • Strong Constitution renamed to Strong Resistances, now increases all resistances.
  • The offensive tutorial now advances regardless of which soldier you summon at the start
  • Decreased monster stats in all duo skirmishes by ~25%
  • Soldiers: Changed the base elf female's hair to be different than the Long Left Part.
  • Soldiers: Archer: The Power Restore skill will no longer be used within the first 2 seconds of combat.
  • Epic: Moria - Volume 2: Chapter 3 & 4: Solo instances are now repeatable. These quests are available from their original bestowers.
  • The following skirmishes may now be scaled down to level 60: Breaching the Necromancer's Gate, Assault on the Ringwraith's Lair, Battle in the Tower and Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu.
Skirmish Traits
  • Role: Archer now increases Critical per level, instead of Ranged Critical.
  • Role: Sage now increases Finesse per level, instead of Resistance Penetration.
  • Due to the stat consolidations, sixteen Skirmish traits are being removed from the game. Skirmish Marks will be refunded for all the removed traits. In all cases, the functionality of the removed trait will be rolled into old traits that will be repurposed and renamed. As such, repurchasing traits to cover former effectiveness will be simple and efficient. Details follow:
    • "Strength of Body" and "Strength of Mind" are removed. "Strength of Resolve" now buffs the new united Resistance stat, at higher values then before.
    • "Powerful Lore" and "Sharpened Arrows" are removed. "Sharpened Blades" has been renamed to "Practiced Critical" and now buffs the united critical stat.
    • "Ranged Resistance" has been removed. "Melee Resistance" renamed to "Physical Resilience" and increases Physical Mitigation. "Tactical Resistance" renamed to "Tactical Resilience" and now increases Tactical Mitigation.
    • "Sharp Eye" and "Healing Done" are removed. "Heavy Blows" renamed to "Physical Potency" and now increases both Melee and Ranged Offence Rating. "Determined Mind" renamed to "Tactical Potency" and now increases both tactical damage and outgoing healing.
    • "Resistance Penetration" has been removed. "Avoidance Penetration" has been renamed to "Battlefield Finesse" and now increases Finesse. "Armour Penetration" now penetrates significantly more armour.
    • "Bow-master" and "Master Tactician" are removed. "Battle-master" now increases the unified Critical stat.
    • "Eagle's Flight" and "The Healing Arts" are removed. "Lead the Way" now increases Melee and Ranged Offence. "Tactical Offensive" renamed to "Tactical Artistry" and now increases Tactical Offence and Outgoing Healing.
    • "Taking Cover" has been removed. "Fancy Footwork" now increases Physical Mitigation. "Strong of Will" now increases Tactical Mitigation.
    • "Path of Least Resistance" has been removed. "Defender's Bane" now increases Finesse.
    • "Strong Constitution" and "Resistant Mind" have been removed. "All Resistances" now increases the unified Resistance rating by a larger amount.
Attack at Dawn
  • Billboard now displays in chat when a goblin attempts to flee during the final fight.
  • Goblin Scouts now despawn as soon as the Chieftain is defeated.
  • If you secure both the east and west gate, the billboard displays text now hints that less monsters may spawn. Please note that by securing both of these gates, there is a chance that less lieutenants may spawn within the skirmish.
  • Warg swarm monsters will no longer proc DoTs and debuffs.
  • The wall of fire will now despawn if you lose the boss fight, or when you are victorious.
  • Goblin Firelobbers will now despawn when you defeat the final boss.
  • The first pull in the instance has been changed so it should now be easier to split the pull.
  • We've taught Graug to now use a bow instead of his previous "Fearsome Black Line" to attack people at range. Who says you can't teach Chieftains new tricks?
  • Ongurz Warriors now have the correct texture.
  • Krampum should no longer drop the Lefnuilan campaign mark.
Protectors of Thangúlhad
  • Rodelleth is no longer damaged by the ballista hits.
Icy Crevasse
  • Added 'Exit' to the sled names.
  • When you step on the first steam vent you get a billboard telling you it's a good thing.
  • Fixed typos in deed.
Siege of Gondamon
  • Ingithor will no longer become stuck if his only target dies.


  • Icons for skills with target health requirements will now properly indicate when the skills are usable; i.e. icons will enable/disable correctly.
  • Instead of "General Error", we now show "General Error (Code)." Any instances where you can see a "General Error (code)" are bugs and now it will be easier to track them down.
  • There is now better feedback when you cannot target a fellowship member when they are out of range or link dead.
  • The Loremaster's analyze enemy panel will no longer freak out when you resize your game window.
  • The progress bar UI element can no longer be lost behind the myriad of quickslots.
  • When using a Scroll of Empowerment, it will no longer show an invalid item as a valid target in the selection screen.
  • Player receives a friendly error when skills that summon pets or hotspots fail to do so because of a lack of space for creation.
  • Vendor transactions (sell, buy, buyback, and fill stack) now show item links in the chat window.
  • Skill tooltips will no longer show redundant information when the same effect is applied to a target on both Critical and Devastating Critical attacks.
  • A recent change to the way that information is expressed through tooltips caused a few skills to display odd information at the end of the skill's effects. Where there was information needed, "Enlivening Grace" for example, we have added the information.


  • The Shield-pierce bonus that is on all spears now has its proc chance revealed in the tool-tips.
  • The Cloak of the Westfold (Isengard pre-order item) appearance has been adjusted to be whiter.
  • Uncommon armor has been updated by increasing it, in most cases. The increase begins to take place at certain levels; for most gear this is level 10. For other gear, such as shields and cloaks, the increase starts around level 20 or 30. Most Uncommon armor values have been increased by 20%. Uncommon cloak armor values increased by 15%. Uncommon light shield armor values increased by 10%.
  • Examining items from links in chat windows should now properly include dye and crafter info.
  • The bow Cuguru has been resized for a better fit on the player.
  • Many class reward weapons have been revised so that they include the primary stat required by the class.
  • Some of the class quest reward armor has been updated to grant a bonus to the primary and/or secondary stat required by the class.
  • Fixed a bug where the Combat Run Speed item could not be used with the Out-of-Combat Speed Boost item.
  • Fixed a bug where temporary goat mounts could not be used within Moria.
  • The following Edhelharn tokens have had their cooldowns corrected: Dim Edhelharn, Pale Edhelharn, Polished Edhelharn, Gleaming Edhelharn, Glorious Edhelharn, and Luminous Edhelharn.
  • Some old pre-order items have been updated: Harbinger's Cloak now has a 3 minute cooldown timer. The Rangers Cloak now has a 3 minute cooldown and increases out-of-combat runspeed by 8%. The Stone of the Dwarf-Deeps now has a 3 minute cooldown and increases out of combat run speed by 8%.
  • The super-sized shield Frothskold is now normal sized for a light shield.
  • The Snail Brooch and Tattered Bookmark items have been revised since they had a number of resistance stats which have now been collapsed into one stat.
  • Beaded Crystal Earring has been updated. On use, it will now grant 25 resistance and 15% Disease Resistance.
  • Fireworks can now stack to 50.
  • Lucky Horseshoe (a pre-order item) has been updated so that its effect will now last 3 minutes.
  • The Isengard cosmetic armor and pocket item can now be restored to the player using the /reclaim command.
  • Many of the class jewelry items given out as quest rewards have been updated to include the primary stat required by the class.
  • Cloak of the Peacekeeper has had its appearance fixed.
  • The bracelet and ring sets from the Halls of Night instance are now unique.
  • The Halls of Night jewelry sets on the Skirmish barter vendors are being changed to Unique. "Old" sets that have already been bartered for will remain as they are on live today.
  • The Trophy items Old Arrowhead, Ancient Spearhead, Mithril Dust, and Jade Gemstone now stack to 50.
  • Warg riders now have a chance of dropping loot.


  • Craft: The cooldown on the craft tracking skills have been reduced to 2 seconds (from 10 seconds)
  • Minimized the amount of sliding around a character would experience when interrupting a gathering animation (such as mining).
  • There were some crafted cloaks that did not support all of the available dye colors. These cloaks have been corrected to do so.
  • Fixed a bug where changing vocations was not clearing crafting quests, which could cause some players to get stuck at Tier 3.
  • Players previously stuck on Expert crafting should now be able to redo the quests so they may progress to Artisan.

Maps, Travel and Mounts

  • Mounts: Summoning your mount is now faster.
  • Mounts: Updated the tool-tip information on the three Isengard pre-order mounts which displayed incorrect morale.
  • It is now safe to use Pipeweed while mounting/dismounting your horse. You will no longer be stuck in the smoking animation.
  • Icons for the Angmar Instance mounts and Angmar's Free People mounts are now unique.

Legendary Items

  • Level will correctly update for tracked Legendary Items when they are moved to another slot
  • Characters will be refunded all legacy points on all legendary items when Volume 3 Book 4 goes live.
  • Morale and Power regeneration on relics has been slightly altered. Values have increased on low level relics and are slightly lower on high level relics. Furthermore, Morale regeneration is now higher then Power regeneration.
  • Relics: All instances of Melee and Ranged Defense have been replaced with Physical Mitigation, while Tactical Defense has been updated to become Tactical Mitigation.
  • Relics that increased Melee, Tactical and Ranged Critical Rating now affect the new unified Critical Rating. These values have not been altered.
  • Tier 7 relics have been added to the game. They break the existing tier progression in one way: Settings have had their ratings slightly reordered. Melee, Ranged and Tactical Offence and Healing are now distributed differently among the four relics. Two relics increase Melee and Ranged Offence (paired with Might and Morale), while the other two relics increase Tactical Offence and Healing (paired with Will and Power). Tier 1-6 and Unique relics have not been altered in this way with the expansion, but will be similarly updated in a future update.
  • New Unique relics have been added to Melding. These "Remarkable" relics will be Tier 7 and require Tier 7 relics to create. Over time after the expansion, the Melding tab will fill with even more relics -- some even designed by community contests!
  • Melding has been updated with Tier 7 relics, Remarkable relics and higher tier legendary components.
  • Heritage runes will no longer show items that cannot be advanced any further as valid targets.
  • Implement damage on Legendary Items has been increased over level 64. This will bump up the damage of all Tactical classes.

Wardrobe, Storage and Vaults

  • Players are now able to place any piece of armour into the wardrobe, even if they cannot wear it.
  • Items purchased from the store will now show that fact when examined in the vault.

Events and Festivals

Deeds, Traits and Virtues

  • Deeds: The Brood-hunter deed can now be accelerated.
  • Race: The Elf's trait "Suffer No Illness" now grants a flat 1% to Disease and Poison Resistance.
  • Players are now able to add deeds to the Quest Tracker during skirmishes.
  • Trait tooltips now contain the skills earned from the trait.
  • All Virtues have their max rank increased to 12.
  • Virtues have been updated with the changes to stats:
    • Poison, Disease, Fear and Wound resistance has been rebalanced and replaced with Resistance (which effects all 4 resistances).
    • The Resistance value at lower ranks has reduced for virtues where Resistance was the secondary or tertiary stat. The values at rank 1 are unchanged.
    • Melee and Ranged Defence have been replaced with Physical Mitigation.
    • Fire and Shadow Mitigation and Tactical Defence have been replaced with Tactical Mitigation.
    • Morale bonus increased at lower levels.
    • In-Combat Health Regen increased at all levels.
    • Patience, Wisdom and Confidence now increase In-Combat Power Regen, instead of Out-of-Combat.
    • Zeal now increases Max Morale as its primary stat.

Reputation and Barter


  • The Summerfest Painting has been reduced in size to correctly fit on some small wall hooks.
  • The Fungal Mushroom housing decoration will once again function as it did before.

Auction House

  • Fishing barter items can now be searched for under the Barter category in the Auction House.

Vendors and Town Services

  • Vendors will now restrict the sale of Reputation and Glory specific items. As a player you will still be able to see all available items but will not be allowed to purchase the item unless you meet the Reputation and Glory required to use it.


  • /flip emote will now hide held items during the length of the animation.


  • Angmar: Gabilshathur Quest: Would Rather Mine - Quest no longer adds a pickaxe to your inventory which cannot be used. Anyone who had this quest underway will have it abandoned upon login, and will need to pick up the quest again from Bothwar.
  • Angmar: Gorothlad: Quest: The Tincture - Multiple players can now each collect the same plant. Plants also no longer take inventory space when collected. Anyone who had this quest underway will have it abandoned upon login, and will need to pick up the quest again.
  • Evendim: Quests in Evendim which vector into other regions are no longer gated behind the purchase of the Evendim quest pack
  • Quest Starter Items - These items will now appear to sparkle and glow even if you are above the challenge level of the quest.
  • Epic V3B3: The soldier in the "At the Stone of Erech" session play event will now use his shield when executing a Shield Bash.
  • Evendim: The quest, "An Old Trove," has had its selectable tracking item reward replaced with a version of the LOTRO Store tracking item.
  • Evendim: The quest "There and Back Again" once again has selectable item rewards to choose from.
  • Lonelands: Naerost: The quest item for "Half-breed Thieves" is no longer underground.
  • Forochel: "Cold as Death" has been altered to no longer require a fellowship to complete.
  • Enedwaith: Lich Bluffs: "Corruption of Cairns" Bestowal dialogue now properly directs you westward.
  • Moria: Defeating Globsnaga Goblins in Dar Narbugud will count toward the Moria Globsnaga-slayer deed.
  • Quest: Lothlórien: Completing the Lothlórien sacking quests should now give you reputation with the Galadhrim.
  • Evendim: Annuminas: Dwaling's Plight and Sand for the Flame have distinct bestowal text.

Monster AI

Lua Scripting

  • Exposed an event for receiving chat messages in Lua. Added chat type definitions for chat filtering.
  • Added a few new classes to Lua for players to be able to inspect equipment:
    • Turbine.Gameplay.Equipment is functionally the same as the Backpack only the indices refer to specific inventory slots defined by the Turbine.Gameplay.EquipmentSlot enumeration.
    • Turbine.UI.Lotro.EquipmentSlot is a UI element that can be used to equip or unequip items and works exactly like the equipment slot in the character panel.
  • Local player now has a GetParty method for getting the player's party. This exposes the ability to access the players in your party and get information about them such as their name, their vitals, and effects that are on them.
  • There is now a function (RegisterForClickHandling) to register a given Lua element for entity-specific mouse-handling (e.g.-if you right-click on someone's vitals after registering it with this function, it will show the appropriate right-click menu from the standard UI and if you left-click those vitals, it will target them).