Orc Reaver

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Orc Reaver
Savage, brutal and deadly, the Reaver is at home on the field of battle - and few places else.

His swift attacks and ability to dual-wield weaponry make him a formidable foe. When pressed, the Reaver is capable of tapping the strength of his blood to become a frenzied warrior who rains blows on his enemy with frightening speed.
Role: Melee Damage, Minor Crowd Control, Minor Debuffs

Permanent Effects

The effect  Relentless is permanently enabled on the Orc Reaver. It increases their mitigations by 20% at full health and as their health decreases, the mitigation buff decreases. In exchange, they receive an outgoing damage buff which increases as their health decreases.


Active Skills

Name Description Rank Price Type
 March! Increases run speed by +65% (non-combat). - 50 Commendation  Channel
 Against The Odds Resets some cooldowns and restores Health and Power over time if traited. 5 500 Commendation  -
 Charge! Sets run speed to 200% for 8 seconds. You become immune to all combat states while charging (root, stun, daze effects). Only usable while out of combat. - - Buff
 Undying Rage For a short time, increase melee and tactical damage, gain +100% parry chance, -100% attack duration, -50% all skill inductions, increased mitigations, increased run speed and immunity to combat states. Upon expiration, you are immediately defeated. (requires trait). 4 400 Commendation  Buff
 Resilience Shakes off most CC effects. Unaffected by roots and debuffs which slow movement speed. Adds a 5 second CC immunity if traited. 5 500 Commendation  Buff
 Glory in Future Victory Increases melee damage (and restores increased morale if used on a Defeat Response), also increases incoming damage unless traited. - - Buff
 Blood of Fire Toggle skill. On any damage, reflects a small amount of fire damage to attackers (requires trait). 3 300 Commendation  Buff
 Blood Lust Decreases attack duration and increases melee critical chance on a Defeat Response and removes up to 3 effects. For each effect remove suffer damage but gain increased critical chance 3 300 Commendation  Buff
 Time-Out Consumes Defeat Response reducing Skill Damage, Incoming Damage, and removing up to 3 effects. 4 400 Commendation  Buff
 Wrath Restore 2% of max Health and 3.5% of max Power on each skill hit. 4 400 Commendation  Buff
 Upper Hand Decreases your foe's parry and block rating while increasing your armour value and chance for Blade Toss to knock down your target. 2 200 Commendation  Buff
 Blinding Dust Increases the miss chance of up to 4 enemies by 20%. 1 100 Commendation  Debuff
 Hamstring Decreases foe's run speed by 25% - - Debuff
 Disarm Disarms your foe 2 200 Commendation  CC
 Sundering Blow Attack that greatly reduces your foe's armour. 1 100 Commendation  Melee, Debuff
 Devastating Strike Extremely damaging attack, which requires the enemy to have less than 50% morale. Reduces the target's incoming healing by 50%. - - Melee, Debuff
 Jagged Cut Frontal AoE which affects up to 4 targets. Applies a bleed if traited. - - Melee
 Lacerate A single target attack which applies a bleed. - - Melee
 Sudden Strikes A single target attack. Replaced by Improved Sudden Strikes (see below). - - Melee
 Impale Powerful attack that ignores some of your target's mitigations. Unmitigated bonus damage is applied for each bleed you have on the target. 1 100 Commendation  Melee
 Ravage A series of 3 moderately powerful attacks. 1 100 Commendation  Melee
 Gut Punch Attack that interrupts your foe. Replaced by Improved Gut Punch (see below). 2 200 Commendation  Melee
 Severing Strike A high damage attack that cannot miss, be blocked or parried. 2 200 Commendation  Melee
 Serration AoE attack which affects up to 4 targets around you. 3 500 Commendation  Melee
 Improved Gut Punch Attack that interrupts your foe and gives you a Defeat Response on a critical hit. 3 300 Commendation  Melee
 Improved Sudden Strikes A single target attack which reduces the cooldown of Wrath on each use. 4 400 Commendation  Melee
 Mutilation AoE attack which affects up to 4 targets and applies a bleed. 5 500 Commendation  Melee
 Thrash AoE attack which affects up to 4 targets. Each hit applies an increasingly strong bleed on multiple targets. 5 500 Commendation  Melee
 Blade Toss Minor ranged attack with increased damage from behind. Slows the target if traited. 3 300 Commendation  Ranged, Debuff

Passive Skills

Core Passive Skills

The following characteristics are automatically acquired for your class. They can be found in the Character Panel and Skills Panel. More details about the bonuses can be found on the individual pages.


Advanced Passive Skills

The following characteristics can be acquired and upgraded up to three times, starting from Rank 5.

Name Description Price
Health Regeneration Increases your in-Combat and non-Combat health regeneration 500 Commendation 
Melee Criticals Increases your melee critical rating 500 Commendation 
Power Regeneration Increases your in-Combat and non-Combat power regeneration 500 Commendation 
Tactical Criticals Increases your Tactical critical rating 500 Commendation 


Class Traits

Class Traits
Name Description Rank Price
 Enhanced Skill: Jagged Cut Jagged Cut now applies a bleed to its targets. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Power Boost Increases your maximum Power. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Quick Strikes Increases your Attack Speed and Finesse. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Glory in Victory Glory in Victory no longer increases your incoming damage. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Resistance Boost Increases your Resistance Rating. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Burning Blades Sets the damage type of your skills to Fire damage. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Devastating Strike Decreases the cooldown of Devastating Strike. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Blade Toss Adds a slow to Blade Toss. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Hamstring Reduces the cooldown of Hamstring and improves the slow. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Upper Hand Upper Hand is more effective and lasts longer. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Against the Odds Adds a Health and Power HoT to Against the Odds. 5 1,000 Commendation 
 Extended Reach Your AoE attacks affect 6 additional targets. 5 1,000 Commendation 
 Double-edged Blades Certain skills gain the ability to tier up the Reckless Melee effect increasing your damage and incoming damage. 5 1,000 Commendation 

Racial Traits

Orc Racial Traits
Name Description Rank Price
 Front-line Fodder Increases Parry, Evade, and Block Ratings. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Rage of the Misbegotten Increases Critical Rating and maximum Health. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Racial Skill: Blood of Fire Grants skill Blood of Fire. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Warrior Against the Deep Increases Stealth Detection and Tactical Mitigation. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Racial Skill: Undying Rage Grants skill Dying Rage. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Tireless Warrior Increases in-Combat Health and Power Regeneration. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Flayer of Flesh Increases Critical Rating, Physical Mastery and Tactical Mastery. 5 1,000 Commendation 

Corruption Traits