Patch Notes - June 20, 2011

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Update 3: Lost Legends of Eriador Patch 1 Release Notes


We have addressed over 100 bugs related to translation and localization.

Skirmishes, Instances, & Raids

Icy Crevasse

  • Resolved a display issue where monsters on the snow drifts at the control points just outside the ice cave would behave oddly. ‏
  • Deed: The Icy Crevasse – Objectives were displaying as TBD. This has been addressed.
  • The Boss fight should now reset correctly.

Halls of Night

  • All equipment rewards are now correctly bind on acquire.

Inn of the Forsaken

  • Minstrels and Burglars will no longer be able to be trapped on the ship during the final encounter. Players that would have been trapped on the upper decks are now teleported to safety.


  • Players who migrated from the EU Service were not receiving the correct bonus items for previously purchased special editions and other special promotions on newly created characters or when using /reclaim. Instead they were receiving US versions. This has been addressed. All players will now receive BOTH the US and EU bonus items in the future.

User Interface

  • The time display on the radar minimap was not displaying time correctly and failing to update. This has been addressed.
  • Hitting escape on the Forgemaster UI no longer breaks rank up on the Legendary Items panel.
  • Various UI panels that are supposed to close when you get too far away from their NPCs now correctly do so.


  • The following Edhelharn tokens have had their cooldowns corrected:
  • Fixed a bug where the Combat Run Speed item could not be used with the Out-of-Combat Speed Boost item.
  • The Skirmish Mark Refund - If you transferred servers before free to play launch then the skirmish mark reset item might not give you all of the skirmish marks that you deserve. That's fixed so that you should always at least get back enough marks to build back to your current spec.
  • The Isengard pre-order XP boost item was incorrectly displaying that it expired upon Isengard launch. This has been corrected. The item does not expire.