Quest:An Old Trove

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An Old Trove
Level 36
Type Solo
Starts with  Old Scroll-fragment
Starts at Tyrn Fornech
Ends with Culang
Ends at Tinnudir (Keep)
End Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.1S, 67.6W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

This scroll fragment looks interesting, but it is illegible by itself. Perhaps in combination with other fragments, the original document can be restored.


You found an interesting scroll fragment. By itself it is illegible, but perhaps in combination with other fragments, the original scroll can be restored.

Objective 1

Brigands and robbers can be found in many places around Lake Evendim.

Brigands and tomb-robbers in Evendim most likely hold the remaining fragments of the scroll you found.

Objective 2

  • Find someone to help reassemble the scroll from the fragments

Tinnudir, an island west of Emyn Uial, may have a lore-master who can help you reassemble the scroll.

You found all the scroll-fragments; now all you have to do is put them together.

Culang: 'An interesting find. I have always enjoyed puzzles such as this. Let us see. This one goes here...ah, a simple matter. All done! Let us learn what is says.
'Remarkable! Evendim abounds with tales of old treasure, most of them completely false. But this scroll...this is an account of a man -- an adventurer shall we say, to be polite to the dead -- who scavenged the Fields of Fornost long ago, after the Witch-king's great defeat. It seems this fellow hid his finds not far away.
'From your point of view, this treasure is a legitimate trove -- there should be no reason that anyone could not honourably recover it if they happened to find its location. If you wish to find this trove, according to the scroll, it lies hidden beneatha stone marker in Barad Rath, ruins that lie to the northeast of here.'

Objective 3

  • Recover the treasure from the old trove

The old trove is hidden beneath a stone marker, north-east of Tinnudír in the ruins of Barad Rath.

Culang helped to reconstruct the old scroll and told you the good news: not only does it give directions to an old treasure, but the treasure is one that can be honourably recovered, since there is no record of the original owners.

Culang: 'Have you recovered the trove yet?'
You found no treasure, only a mouldy old book

Objective 4

Culang can be found back at Tinnudir.

You found no great treasure; it appears that the old trove had been looted long ago. But you did recover an old book: a chronicle of the Battle of Fornost. Perhaps Culang would find it of interest, along with the scroll he restored for you.

Culang: 'Alas! I am sorry you found no great treasure. That trove must have been looted long ago. But in the truth, an old book like this is a treasure to me, though I suppose the robbers must have found it worthless.
'I have little to offer to sweeten your bitter loss, but I will give you what I can for the book and the scroll.'