In-Combat Power Regeneration

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In-Combat Power Regeneration (ICPR) determines how quickly you regenerate lost power while in combat. Your ICPR is determined by your race, equipment bonuses, Cooked Food, and how much Fate you have.

  • ICPR = (Base Class ICPR) + (Racial ICPR Modifier) + (Fate * 1.71) + (Equipment bonuses)

The number quoted as your ICPR is how much power you regenerate in 1 minute, so if you have 2000 ICPR, you regenerate 2000 power every minute while in combat.

Racial ICPR Modifiers

Race ICPR Modifier
Beorning 0
Dwarf +30
Elf 0
Hobbit 0
Race of Man 0

Base Class ICPR

The amount of Base ICPR is the same for all levels and classes (except Beorning): 240