Uruk Warleader

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Uruk Warleader
On the battlefield, the Warleader shines as a warrior on the front line and inspiration to his allies.

Through mocking, humiliation and force of will, the Warleader can inspire the meekest of troops to greatness. His fearsome howls augment his strong arm and shield to make his blows all the more deadly.
Role: Healer, Buffs, Debuffs


Active Skills

Name Description Rank Price Type
 March! +65% Movement Speed - 50 Commendation  Channel
 On Your Feet! Revives up to 5 allies in combat. - - -
 Brawler's Stance In this stance, your outgoing damage is increased, some of your cooldowns are reduced and Quit Whining and Fight! has no induction and can be used on the move, but heals for less. 2 200 Commendation  Stance
 Commander's Stance In this stance, your outgoing healing is increased, your healing skill inductions are reduced and Quitters Never Win's cooldown is reduced on using Crack the Whip and Quit Whining and Fight!. 2 200 Commendation  Stance
 Cleave AoE attack. - - Melee
 Fracture Single-target attack that can interrupt the target. - - Melee
 Shield Bash Single-target attack that stuns the target and resets its cooldown on critical hits. 3 300 Commendation  Melee
 Intimidating Shout Single-target attack that reduces the target's run speed on a critical hit. - - Ranged
 Black Speech Single-target attack. 2 200 Commendation  Ranged
 Menacing Roar AoE attack that reduces the targets' Tactical Mitigation. 4 400 Commendation  Ranged
 Point-defence Banner that increases Mitigations, B/P/E, and Resistance ratings of allies. 4 400 Commendation  Buff
 Command Post Banner that increases in-Combat Health and Power regeneration and damage dealt by allies, while reducing damage taken. - - Buff
 Aura of Command Aura which increases Melee Damage and reduces Attack Duration. - - Buff
 Aura of Protection Aura which increases armour value and maximum Health. 2 200 Commendation  Buff
 Mobilize Increases group in-combat Run Speed by 20%. - - Buff
 Purge Removes CC effects from the target. Applies a short CC immunity if traited. 4 400 Commendation  Buff
 Snap Out of It! Removes CC effects from the targets. Heals affected allies over time if traited. 2 200 Commendation  Buff
 Field Promotion Bubble which reduces the incoming damage of an ally by 90%. 1 100 Commendation  Buff
 Imposing Presence Increases the max Health and Power of your 6 nearest allies (requires trait). 3 1000 Commendation  Buff
 Call the Shadow Sets the critical chance of your next Black Speech, Intimidating Shout or Menacing Roar to 100%. 3 300 Commendation  Buff
 Crack the Whip Single-target Morale heal. - - Heal
 Quit Whining and Fight! AoE Morale heal. 1 100 Commendation  Heal
 Quitters Never Win Big AoE Morale and Power heal. 5 500 Commendation  Heal
 Get a Grip! Heals your 6 nearest allies (requires trait). 4 1000 Commendation  Heal
 Banner of Terror Banner that increases dread by +1, reduces physical mastery, might, tactical/ranged/melee damage, and in combat regen. 1 100 Commendation  Debuff
 Banner of Horror Banner that increases dread by +3, reduces resistance, physical mitigation, and tactical mitigation on enemies. 5 500 Commendation  Debuff

Passive Skills

The following characteristics are automatically acquired for your class. They can be found in the Character Panel and Skills Panel. More details about the bonuses can be found on the individual pages.


The following characteristics can be acquired and upgraded up to three times, starting from Rank 5.

Name Description Price
Health Regeneration Increases your in-Combat and non-Combat health regeneration 500 Commendation 
Melee Criticals Increases your melee critical rating 500 Commendation 
Power Regeneration Increases your in-Combat and non-Combat power regeneration 500 Commendation 
Tactical Criticals Increases your Tactical critical rating 500 Commendation 


Class Traits

Class Traits
Name Description Rank Price
 Empowering Increases your in-Combat Power Regeneration and Tactical Mastery. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Damage Boost Increases your outgoing damage by 12.5%. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: On Your Feet! Reduces the cooldown of On Your Feet! by 1 minute and revives allies with more Health and Power. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Avoidance Boost Increases your Block, Parry and Evade ratings. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Shield Mastery Increases your Block Rating and the damage and critical chance of Shield Bash. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Power of Fear Using Fracture or Criticals with Black Speech, Intimidating Shout and Menacing Roar will cause your next heal to have no induction. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Harsh Language Increases your outgoing healing by 25% and reduces inductions by 15% 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Lead the Charge! Banner of Terror and Horror are useable in combat and have reduced cooldowns and durations. Command Post and Point-defence have no inductions. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Snap Out of It! Adds a Morale HoT to Snap Out of It!. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Field Promotion Increases the duration of the protective bubble of Field Promotion by 7 seconds. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Black Speech Black Speech deals additional Shadow damage over time. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Purge Adds a 9 second CC immunity to Purge. 5 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Menacing Roar Reduces the cooldown and Power cost of Menacing Roar 5 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Quitters Never Win Reduces the cooldown Quitters Never Win by 120s and increases the amount of Power restored. 5 1,000 Commendation 

Racial Traits

Uruk Racial Traits
Name Description Rank Price
 Racial Skill: Imposing Presence Grants Imposing Presence skill. 1 (BA)
3 (WL)
1,000 Commendation 
 New Breed Increases your armour value, max Health and max Power. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Racial Skill: Get a Grip! Grants Get a Grip! skill. 2 (BA)
4 (WL)
1,000 Commendation 
 Leaders of the Orcs Increases your Physical and Tactical Mastery. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Favoured Servant of the Dark Increases your Physical and Tactical Mitigation. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Tireless Warrior Increases your in-Combat Morale and Power Regeneration. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Brutal Persuasion Increases your Critical Rating. 5 1,000 Commendation 

Corruption Traits