Spider Weaver

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Spider Weaver
Cunning, patient and fearsome, the Weaver's home is not within the heart of the battle, but rather at its edge, where she can best employ her strengths and shield her weaknesses.

With poison, clinging webs and the ability to burrow beneath the ground, the Weaver is a mistress of woe who skulks the fringes of battle.

Role: Crowd Control, Damage over Time, Hybrid Ranged/Melee Damage, Debuffs


Active Skills

Name Description Rank Price Type
 March! +65% Movement Speed - 50 Commendation  Channel
 Lie in Wait Stealth for a limited time 1 100 Commendation  Channel
 Trapdoor Sanctuary Invulnerability for a short time - - Channel
 Hatchlings Summons one Hatchling to aid you in battle - - Pet
 Born of Shadow Increases Physical and Tactical Mitigation when hit (requires trait) 3 1,000 Commendation  Buff
 Toxic Carapace Reflect shield which consumes all your Venom. The duration is based on the amount of Venom consumed. 2 200 Commendation  Buff
 Cleansing Shadows Removes up to 3 Cry, Song, or Tactical Effects, heals per effect removed 3 300 Commendation  Buff
 Feast Consumes defeat response, heals and resets cooldown on several CC abilities 4 400 Commendation  Buff
 Shelob's Gift Consumes defeat response, heals, gives 5 venom, and +50% DoT Damage (requires trait) 4 1000 Commendation  Buff
 Entangling Web Increases enemy attack duration and skill inductions, applies the Ensnared effect - - Debuff
 Clinging Webs Increases enemy Miss Chance, applies the Ensnared effect 1 100 Commendation  Debuff
 Catch Prey +incoming Melee Damage, decreases target BPE, increases your BPE. Applies the Ensnared effect 2 200 Commendation  Debuff
 Toxin -20% incoming healing + drains Power from the target 2 200 Commendation  Debuff
 Venomous Haze Reduces the range of the ranged skills from the targets 1 100 Commendation  Debuff
 Necrosis Reduces target's Resistance rating 3 300 Commendation  Debuff
 Shadow's Bite Drains power and a 10s Fear. 3 300 Commendation  CC
 Snaring Web 30s Root, 3s grace period with trait Steelweave Webs, applies the Ensnared effect - - CC
 Grasping Web AoE 30s Root, 3s grace period with trait Steelweave Webs, applies Ensnared effect 4 400 Commendation  CC
 Paralytic Venom 30s Daze, 3s grace period with trait Enhanced Skill: Paralytic Venom. 3 300 Commendation  CC
 Smothering Web 5s Stun, applies Ensnared effect 2 200 Commendation  CC
 Latent Poison Reduces enemy maximum Power and 10s Stun on expiration - - CC
 Web the Earth Creates an AoE patch that slows enemies 5 500 Commendation  CC
 Piercing Attack Initial Fell-wrought damage + Fell-wrought damage DoT, pierces mits - - Melee
 Poison Spray Stackable AoE DoT, Reduces Agility 1 100 Commendation  Melee
 Drink Deep Initial Fell-wrought damage and restores some Health 1 100 Commendation  Melee
 Lethal Kiss Initial Fell-wrought damage, large burst on experiation. - - Ranged
 Tainted Kiss Initial Acid damage + acid damage DoT - - Ranged
 Mephitic Kiss AoE Initial acid damage + acid damage DoT 4 400 Commendation  Ranged
 Virulent Poison Deals acid damage + acid damage DoT. Deals Acid damage upon removal. 4 400 Commendation  Ranged
 Envenom Deals Acid damage and restores 2 venom per number of Ensnared tiers. Useable only if target is Ensnared 5 500 Commendation  Ranged

Passive Skills

The following characteristics are automatically acquired for your class. They can be found in the Character Panel and Skills Panel. More details about the bonuses can be found on the individual pages.


The following characteristics can be acquired and upgraded up to three times, starting from Rank 5.

Name Description Price
Health Regeneration Increases your in-Combat and non-Combat health regeneration 500 Commendation 
Melee Criticals Increases your melee critical rating 500 Commendation 
Power Regeneration Increases your in-Combat and non-Combat power regeneration 500 Commendation 
Ranged Criticals Increases your ranged critical rating 500 Commendation 


Class Traits

Class Traits
Name Description Rank Price
 Regeneration Increases your in-Combate Morale regeneration in Combat. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Health Boost Increases your max Health. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Piercing Attack Increases the damage and mitigation penetration of Piercing Attack. 0 1,000 Commendation 
 Armour Boost Increases your armour value. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Swift Weave Decreases the induction time of your Web skills. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Tainted Kiss Increases the damage of Tainted Kiss and Mephitic Kiss. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Latent Poison Reduces the cooldown of Latent Poison. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Trapdoor Sanctuary Trapdoor Sanctuary now restores Morale. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Steelweave Webs Increases the duration of your Web debuffs and reduces their break chances on damage. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Feast Feast now restores Power to your group. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Clinging Webs Adds a Parry and Evade Rating debuff to Clinging Webs. 5 1,000 Commendation 
 Enhanced Skill: Paralytic Venom Increases Paralytic Venom Daze break immunity. 5 1,000 Commendation 
 Scytode Brood Buffs your Hatchling and changes its attacks to ranged. Increases your Tactical mitigation. 5 1,000 Commendation 
 Strong Brood Buffs you Hatchling. Increases your Physical Mitigation. 5 1,000 Commendation 

Racial Traits

Spider Racial Traits
Name Description Rank Price
 Eight-legged Foe Increases your Run Speed and grants immunity to falling injuries. 1 1,000 Commendation 
 Swallower of Light Increases your Tactical Mitigation and Stealth Level. 2 1,000 Commendation 
 Ancient as the Stars Increases your Physical Mitigation and Critical Defence. 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Racial Skill: Born of Shadow Grants skill Born of Shadow 3 1,000 Commendation 
 Racial Skill: Shelob's Gift Grants skill Shelob's Gift. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Enemies of the First Children Increases your Critical Rating and Physical Mastery. 4 1,000 Commendation 
 Drinker of Blood Increases your in-Combat Morale and Power regeneration. 5 1,000 Commendation 

Corruption Traits