Cirith Imladris

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Cirith Imladris
Type: Mountain Pass
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Bruinen Source West
Location: [25.4S, 3.5W]

Cirith Imladris is a landmark within Bruinen Source West, in the Misty Mountains. [25.4S, 3.5W]

Cirith Imladris (Sindarin for Mountain Pass of Imladris) is indeed a narrow mountain pass north of Rivendell. It has long since been the only trail from the Elven refugee to and fro the Misty Mountains, and is located at the western side of the region. Travellers who venture into the snowy, hazardous, yet beautiful mountains, will find Glóin's Camp a short distance to the north-west.




These deeds can be advanced by passing through Cirith Imladris:


Cirith Imladris acts as the lone gateway between the Valley of Rivendell and the high passes of the Misty Mountains. Once there was fair trade along this route between the dwarf-realms of the mountains and Elves of Rivendell, but the dwarves were driven out long ago by goblins, and many other hazards have returned to make travel up through this region difficult indeed. For the most part, the Elves keep watch over Cirith Imladris, and few pass beyond its upper reaches into the Misty Mountains. — Deed