Slave Pens

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Slave Pens
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Goblin-town
Location: [21.8S, 6.2E]

The Slave Pens is a location within Goblin-town, in the Misty Mountains. [21.8S, 6.2E]

Anyone unfortunate enough to be captured by the goblins of the mountains, and not immediately killed, will likely be taken to this multi-levelled cavern. The pens can be found a fair ways into Goblin-town by traversing the eastern tunnels. Judging by the man-shaped torsos on spits, it would seem the goblins do not have any intention of keeping their prisoners here long.

See "directions" below


Tips: See Goblin-town Quests in Order

Slave Pens Entrance
Map of Goblin-town





These deeds can be advanced by exploring Slave Pens:




These creatures are encountered at this location:




The stench and horror of the Slave Pens of Goblin-town are the subject of dark rumour among travellers who must brave the High Pass, for it is well-known that the goblins delight in taking such folk captive and dragging them down into the depths of the Mountains where they are pressed into cruel labour in the darkness, and few ever again see the light of day. — Deed


Directions from the Mountain's Throat:

  • Through first main room and down the first ramp
  • Before the second ramp, bear to the left and continue straight across a bridge
  • Go straight as far as possible, then turn right on a bridge that crosses the room below
  • Turn left after crossing bridge, head north across another bridge, then turn right into a tunnel
  • Follow the tunnel east then north again and at the fork in the road turn right
  • Follow the tunnel east then north again, and turn at the first right
  • Follow the tunnel east, then north, then east again; the entrance is beyond two goblin jailers