Gollum's Cave

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Gollum's Cave
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Goblin-town
Location: [21.8S, 6.2E]

Gollum's Cave is a location within Goblin-town, in the Misty Mountains. [21.8S, 6.2E]

The location of this cave and its lake is deepest within the goblin caves and tunnels. Coming from Eglanúr, at the last fork the left passage leads to the Goblin-town Throne Room, but further off to the right is this hidden cavern. Once inhabited by Gollum, now only worms await along the shore of the cave's lake. Few have seen this cave aside from the fabled Hobbit burglar, Bilbo Baggins.

Directions from the Mountain's Throat:

  • First follow directions to Zagh
  • From the bottom of the second stairs, head north through the room and bear right, then follow the tunnel
  • Follow the tunnel east then north then east again, and turn at the second right, soon there the entrance is seen
Map of Goblin-town




These deeds can be advanced by visiting Gollum's Cave:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


Gollum's cave is a dark, silent lake nestled down near the roots of the Misty Mountains, and it is said that even goblins fear it greatly and rarely come here.
The famed Hobbit-burglar Bilbo Baggins stumbled into this cave long ago, and there met the wretched creature Gollum. It is said he won his freedom through a Riddle-game, but there is rumour that he did not play fairly. — Deed