Ceber Los

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Ceber Los
Type: Mountain
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Southern High Pass
Location: [28.4S, 6.2E]

Ceber Los is a landmark within Southern High Pass, in the Misty Mountains. [28.4S, 6.2E]

Ceber Los (Sindarin for Snowy Stone-ridge) is located at the south-western slopes of the High Pass. Compared to the surroundings this is no more than a hillock, however, the winding trail that runs down from Men Helch and the Giant Halls beyond is forked in two by this hillock.

The northern fork runs down to the frozen lake of Northtarn, and the southern fork runs down towards Erforgh Cleft, the Gauredain camp. Of the two routes rounding Celeb Los, neither one is safe from prowling Gauredain, wolves or worms.




These creatures are encountered at this location: