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Type: Cave
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Southern High Pass
Location: [26.6S, 9.0E]

Writhenbores are a landmark within Southern High Pass, in the Misty Mountains. [26.6S, 9.0E]

Writhenbores consist of a cave-system filled with fissure-worms found at the eastern mountain sides of the area, as well as the ridge around the cave. The worms in these caves are led by a particularly nasty specimen that has claimed the lives of many. Coming from Hrimbarg adventurers follow the eastern mountain-side and will find a pass through the ridge to a cave mouth. Coming from the Camp Site Fire of the area and after having rounded the mound, head north-east to Writhenbores and select either of the two cave mouths; the western entrance just by the ridge, or the eastern entrance. [27.3S, 9.0E]





These deeds can be advanced by exploring Writhenbores:


These creatures are encountered at this location:


This complex of caves called the Writhenbores seems to be formed by a great mass of boulders, larger than even the giants could hope to lift. How they came to be this way is a mystery -- perhaps by the fall of an entire peak upon the mountainside below or some equally cataclysmic event.
The caves are oddly warmer than the wind-stripped slopes outside, possibly heated by a warm spring welling up from deep below the mountain. However, any traveller hoping to take shelter within would be strongly advised to look elsewhere, for this same warmth has drawn a large and deadly brood of worms into these caves, and to carelessly wander within is certain death. — Deed