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Nethraw[note 1] is a Ranger and a renowned Lore-master.

As many Rangers travel south with the Grey Company to support their Chieftain Aragorn, Nethraw will be encountered at several locations along the Epic storyline.

Nethraw (Angmar)

Image of Nethraw
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 47
Morale 2,180
Power 385
Region Angmar
Area Gorothlad
Settlement Krúslë Lannan
Map Ref [1.3S, 22.9W]

Nethraw is first met at Krúslë Lannan, in Angmar. There he is trying to what happened to the missing swords from the seven statues.

See The Seven Swords deed.

Quest Involvement

Nethraw (Enedwaith)

Image of Nethraw
Role Bard
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Enedwaith
Area Thrór's Coomb
Settlement Harndirion
Map Ref [69.3S, 13.8W]

Nethraw is later found at Harndirion, where he functions as a Bard for Enedwaith.

Bards allow players to purchase musical instruments to play music.

Item Cost
 Basic Bagpipe Silver
 Basic Bassoon Silver
 Basic Clarinet Silver
 Basic Cowbell Silver
 Basic Drum Silver
 Basic Fiddle Silver
 Basic Flute Silver
 Basic Harp Silver
 Basic Horn Silver
 Basic Lute Silver
 Basic Pibgorn Silver
 Basic Theorbo Silver
 Blank Mentor Manual 500 Silver
 Lute of Ages Silver
 Misty Mountain Harp Silver
 Simple Pibgorn 60 Silver
 Student's Fiddle Silver

Nethraw (The Wastes)

Image of Nethraw
Gender Male
Race Man
Region The Wastes
Area The Noman-lands
Settlement Camp of the Host
Map Ref [40.9S, 10.3W]

Nethraw is one of the Rangers who survives the Battle of Pelennor Fields and joins the Host of the West. He can be found by a campfire in the Camp of the Host, along with Amlan, Mincham, and Orthonn.


  1. His name seems to be formed from the Sindarin words neth meaning either "girl, sister" or "young"; and rhaw meaning either "flesh, body" or "wild". This results in many possible definitions.