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Type: River
Region: Western Gondor
Area: Anfalas
Location: [Western Gondor]

The Lefnui was counted as first of the Seven Rivers of Gondor, flowing from the far south-western valleys of the Starkhorn peak of the White Mountains.
Becoming a great and wide river, it followed an erratic course through the lands west of the hills of Pinnath Gelin, through a long and narrow firth at the end of the Anfalas region of Gondor, until it emptied into into a bay of its own emptying into the Bay of Belfalas. West of the river's mouth lay the long cape of Andrast.
It served as the boundary between Gondor's provinces of Anfalas and Andrast.
It played little part in history, though it was remembered by the Men of Rohan. When the Dunlendings invaded Rohan in T.A. 2758, they were aided by Gondor's enemies from the south. These sea-going marauders landed at Lefnui's mouth on their mission to overrun and destroy the Rohirrim, though they would eventually be defeated.

NOTE: The Lefnui lies in the Anfalas / Pinnath Gelin region, and is as such not accessible in-game.