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Settlement.png Harwick
Region: East Rohan
Area: The Wold
Location: [39.2, 52.3]
Harwick, with the famous Harwick Stables in the foreground


The emblem of Harwick

Harwick is a settlement located within The Wold in East Rohan. [39.2S, 52.3W]

The Harwick Stables are famed for their Riding Academy where one learns the basics of War-steed riding.

Once you have obtained your War-steed, the Trainer, Seoca, is always available to refresh your Mounted Combat skills.

  • Harwick Stables entrance: [38.3S, 52.5W]
  • North East Entrance: [39.0S, 52.3W]
  • South East Entrance: [40.0S, 51.7W]
  • Harwick Refugee Camp -- outside the South East Entrance [39.8S, 51.6W]


The following services can be found within the settlement of Harwick:

Harwick General Store
Harwick Quartermaster Shop


  • Mailbox [39.2S, 52.3W] - adjacent to North East entrance and stable master
  • Mailbox [40.0S, 51.7W] - adjacent to South East Entrance


Harwick Crafting Hall
  • All are located inside the Harwick Crafting Hall [39.4S, 53.0W]
Expert Cook
Expert Jeweller
Expert Metalsmith
Expert Scholar
Expert Tailor
Expert Weaponsmith
Expert Woodworker
Superior Forge
Superior Oven
Superior Study
Superior Workbench

Class Trainers

Harwick Baracks

All are located inside the Harwick Barracks [40.2S, 51.8W]

Burglar Trainer
Captain Trainer
Champion Trainer
Guardian Trainer
Hunter Trainer
Lore-master Trainer
Minstrel Trainer
Rune-keeper Trainer
Warden Trainer
Harwick Milestone



  • Thurhard - House Owner [39.4S, 52.6W]
  • Trader (Friendly) - Outside Harwick Crafting Hall [39.4S, 53.0W]
  • Trader (Friendly) - Outside Harwick Bank
  • Merchant (Friendly) - Outside North East Gate to Harwick [38.8S, 52.2W]
  • Thurhard - House Owner - outside barber shop [39.0S, 52.3W]
  • Frithbéorth, son of Frithbald - House Owner [39.5S, 52.7W]
  • Garferth - House Owner [39.0S, 52.0W]
  • Herebryt - House Owner [39.1S, 52.2W]
  • Wynthryth - House Owner [39.5S, 52.2W]

Harwick Refugee Camp


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place:


Harwick Proper

  1. [76] Meet Harding


  1. [76] Aid for the Refugees

Harwick Refugee Camp

  1. [76] Down Payment
  2. [76] Welcome to Harwick
  3. [77] Report to Twickenburg - vector to Twickenburg

The Riders Four

  1. [76] The Riders Four -- Available after completing On Notice!
  2. [76] The Reeve of the Wold
  3. [76] Five Against the Wold
  4. [76] Tempting Fate

The Ballad of Bingo Boffin quest chain



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