Quest:Instance: Bingo's Burden

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Instance: Bingo's Burden
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Bingo Boffin
Starts at Parth Celebrant
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [31.1S, 56.6W]
Ends with Bingo Boffin
Ends at The Wold
End Region Wold
Map Ref [31.7S, 56.6W]
Quest Group The Ballad of Bingo Boffin
Reflecting Pool Bingo Boffin's Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Bingo's Burden
"Thanks to his fear of horses, Bingo has decided that his journey in Rohan will take place on foot."


Bingo has decided to walk across the kingdom of Rohan, in order to avoid having to ride a horse.

Objective 1

Bingo is ready to cross into the kingdom of Rohan.

Bingo Boffin: 'A walk will do both of us some good, <name>! We do not need to ride horses in Rohan. Our feet will serve just fine. If you do not believe me, just walk with me and see!
'You will be amazed at how quickly the time passes once we are moving again, my friend! Who needs horses?'
  • Walk with Bingo into Rohan

Bingo is ready to cross into the kingdom of Rohan.

Bingo Boffin says, "My feet are ready for some walking!"
Bingo Boffin says, "This way, <name>. Rohan awaits!"
Bingo Boffin says, "Look at this bridge!"
Bingo Boffin says, "How large is the kingdom of Rohan anyway?"
Bingo Boffin says, "Would you say it is as large as the Shire?"
Bingo Boffin says, "This bridge is longer than it looks."
Bingo Boffin says, "Willem ran ahead. He is probably on the other side already."
Bingo Boffin says, "This looks to be a lovely land."
Bingo Boffin says, "Why would anyone want to rush past all this beauty on horseback?"
Bingo Boffin says, "Some people like horses. I don't understand those people."
Bingo Boffin says, "They are big, biting beasts! I have never liked them."
Bingo Boffin says, "I cannot understand why the people of Rohan are so fond of the things."
Bingo Boffin says, "Hello, Willem! What do you think of Rohan so far?"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Willem on the other side of the bridge

Willem is on the southern side of the bridge, in the kingdom of Rohan.

Willem Whisker: Willem looks at you blandly, as if to say, 'What took you so long?'.
Suddenly, his ears twitch, and the sound of guttural voices reaches your hearing as well. Orcs approach from the south!
  • Fight the Orcs alongside Willem Whisker
Bingo Boffin says, "Oh no! Orcs!"
Egwylf says, "Hail, travellers! Your deeds speak louder than any words might."
Egwylf says, "I see that you are not friends of the Orcs."

Objective 3

A woman of Rohan has galloped up the road, impressed at your victory over the Orkish raiding party.

Egwylf: 'I am Egwylf, and I am on an errand of some haste, for the message I bear must come to Stangard as quickly as it may; I will not tarry long, though it seems we four share a hatred of Orcs and could spend some time swapping tales.'
You introduce yourself and your companions, and Egwylf looks appraisingly at Bingo.

Objective 4

  • Listen to what Egwylf has to say of Rohan

You have met a woman named Egwylf just within the border of Rohan, and she is very interested in the adventures of your small party.

Egwylf says, "Bingo, yes?"
Egwylf says, "I did not see you raise a weapon against the Orcs."
Bingo Boffin says, "I am really more of a writer than a fighter."
Egwylf says, "A bard, then?"
Bingo Boffin says, "Er, no. Not really."
Egwylf says, "Good. I have never much liked bards."
Egwylf says, "Where is your horse, Bingo?"
Bingo Boffin says, "I don't have one. I didn't think I needed one."
Egwylf says, "You are a strange little fellow."
Egwylf says, "Get a horse. There are towns nearby that should have one for you."
Egwylf says, "Farewell, friends. Take care within the Mark!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Bingo

Bingo is on the southern side of the bridge, in the kingdom of Rohan.

Bingo Boffin: 'She seemed very nice, but I think Egwylf is wrong about the necessity of riding a horse in Rohan. I have done just fine until now, have I not? And we would not have appreciated that bridge back there nearly as much if we galloped or cantered or trotted past it at speed, would we?
'No, we would not.'
Bingo Boffin: 'Egwylf said there were towns not far from here. Let us find one of them and continue our journey... on foot!'

Instance: Bingo's Burden