Elves of Rivendell (Reputation)

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Elves of Rivendell is a reputation faction located at Imlad Gelair in Rivendell, in the Trollshaws.

The Elves of Rivendell hold council over the Wise in the Lands of Eriador. If there is any power that might hold fast against Angmar and its dark magics, it is here.
Nonetheless, recent incursions into the Trollshaws by evil Men and Goblins have set the elves on edge as they quietly prepare for their last war.

Location and NPCs

The secret entrance to Imlad Gelair
The forge within the haven
An Elven reputation orator hearten his peers

Hangout: Imlad Gelair in south-eastern Rivendell. [32.4S, 2.2W]
The entrance is hidden just south of the Falls of Imladris. [30.5S, 3.7W]
Access requires Acquaintance standing with the faction.

Name Function Location
ElfF.png Atharbain Reputation Vendor Imlad Gelair
ElfM.png Rombrennil Reputation Vendor Imlad Gelair
ElfM.png Cachúnir Reputation Recipes The Last Homely House

Gaining Reputation


Repeatable Quests

Skirmishes and Raids

Tasks Bulletin Boards

Reputation Items

Item Drops from Points
Signet of Rhudaur-icon.png Signet of Rhudaur Wights in Trollshaws, and Corcurs in Trollshaws and Misty Mountains 30  
Goblin-town Tabard-icon.png Goblin-town Tabard Goblins in Goblin-town, in the Misty Mountains 50  
Elvish Relic-icon.png Elvish Relic Wights in Trollshaws, and Corcurs in Trollshaws and Misty Mountains 700  

Crafting Items

Item Crafting Tier Points
Scholar's Writ-icon.png Scholar's Writ Artisan 60  
Study of the Unknown-icon.png Study of the Unknown Master 100  
Of Mysteries Most Profound-icon.png Of Mysteries Most Profound Master 700  


Deeds that yield reputation points


Vendor Items

Vendor: Rombrennil at Imlad Gelair at Ally standing.

Item Standing Level Cost
'Celebrimbor' Statue-icon.png 'Celebrimbor' Statue Ally 44 Silver
'Gil-galad' Statue-icon.png 'Gil-galad' Statue Ally 44 Silver
'Luthien' Statue-icon.png 'Luthien' Statue Ally 44 Silver
Map Table-icon.png Map Table Ally 48 Silver
Reflection Pool-icon.png Reflection Pool Ally 48 Silver
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Rivendell' Theme Ally 56 Silver

Vendor: Atharbain at Imlad Gelair at Friend standing.

Item Set Standing Level Cost
Eregion-icon.png Eregion Acquaintance 14 Silver
Eregion - Hollin Gate-icon.png Eregion - Hollin Gate Acquaintance 14 Silver
Eregion - Redhorn Pass-icon.png Eregion - Redhorn Pass Acquaintance 14 Silver
Ettenmoors-icon.png Ettenmoors Acquaintance 14 Silver
Ettenmoors - Bastion of the Free Peoples-icon.png Ettenmoors - Bastion of the Free Peoples Acquaintance 14 Silver
Ettenmoors - Stronghold of the Enemy-icon.png Ettenmoors - Stronghold of the Enemy Acquaintance 14 Silver
Misty Mountains-icon.png Misty Mountains Acquaintance 14 Silver
Misty Mountains - Eastern Slopes-icon.png Misty Mountains - Eastern Slopes Acquaintance 14 Silver
Trollshaws-icon.png Trollshaws Acquaintance 14 Silver
Trollshaws - Hills of the Angle-icon.png Trollshaws - Hills of the Angle Acquaintance 14 Silver
Trollshaws - Rivendell-icon.png Trollshaws - Rivendell Acquaintance 14 Silver
Trollshaws - Tâl Bruinen-icon.png Trollshaws - Tâl Bruinen Acquaintance 14 Silver
Trollshaws - Woods of the Angle-icon.png Trollshaws - Woods of the Angle Acquaintance 14 Silver
Goblin-town Stairs-icon.png Goblin-town Stairs 19 Silver
Goblin-town Stairs with Landing (Left)-icon.png Goblin-town Stairs with Landing (Left) 19 Silver
Goblin-town Stairs with Landing (Right)-icon.png Goblin-town Stairs with Landing (Right) 19 Silver
Long Goblin-town Stairs-icon.png Long Goblin-town Stairs 19 Silver
Raised Goblin-town Stairs-icon.png Raised Goblin-town Stairs 19 Silver
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png 'Above Weathertop' Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver52 Copper
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png 'Shore Glimpse' Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver52 Copper
Paper Sheet 1 (common)-icon.png Award of Elven Virtue Friend 35 60 Silver
1090524758-1091398978-1090524759-1090528040.png Healer's Bracelet Healer of Rivendell Friend 42 131 Silver20 Copper
Ring 4 (rare reputation)-icon.png Healer's Ring Healer of Rivendell Friend 40 128 Silver
1090524205-1091398978-1090524205.png Warrior's Choker Warrior of Rivendell Friend 42 131 Silver20 Copper
Earring 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Warrior's Jewel Warrior of Rivendell Friend 40 128 Silver
Tunic and Pants 1-icon.png Long-sleeved Elven Tunic and Trousers Ally Silver12 Copper
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png Atharbain's Refined Celebrant Salves Recipe Ally 16 Silver52 Copper
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png Atharbain's Refined Athelas Essences Recipe Ally 16 Silver52 Copper
Earring 2 (rare reputation)-icon.png Healer's Earring Healer of Rivendell Ally 45 136 Silver
Pocket 66 (rare reputation)-icon.png Healer's Locket Healer of Rivendell Ally 45 136 Silver
1090523224-1091398978-1090523226-1090523225.png Warrior's Bracer Warrior of Rivendell Ally 45 136 Silver
Dagger 10 (rare reputation)-icon.png Warrior's Edge Warrior of Rivendell Ally 46 137 Silver60 Copper
One-handed Sword 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Warrior's Blade Warrior of Rivendell Kindred 50 144 Silver
Long-sleeved Elven Dress-icon.png Long-sleeved Elven Dress Kindred Silver12 Copper
Master Scholar Recipe-icon.png Atharbain's Distilled Athelas Essences Recipe Kindred 22 Silver
Master Scholar Recipe-icon.png Atharbain's Distilled Celebrant Salves Recipe Kindred 22 Silver
Spear 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Archer's Lance Kindred 50 144 Silver
Ring 4 (rare reputation)-icon.png Great Golden Ring Kindred 50 144 Silver
Pocket 3 (rare reputation)-icon.png Trinket of Swiftness Kindred 50 144 Silver
Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png Tome of the Sparrow Kindred 112 Silver
Mount 50 (rare)-icon.png Prized Rivendell Steed Kindred Gold823 Silver60 Copper

Titles / Passive Skills


Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png Guide to the Misty Mountains - Hunter
Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png Muster in the Misty Mountains - Warden