Elves of Rivendell (Reputation)

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Elves of Rivendell is a reputation faction located in Rivendell Valley.

The Elves of Rivendell hold council over the Wise in the lands of Eriador. If there is any power that might hold fast against Angmar and its dark magics, it is here. Nonetheless, recent incursions into the Trollshaws by evil Men and Goblins have set the elves on edge as they quietly prepare for their last war.

Location and Officials

The Last Homely House

Gaining Reputation

General Quests

See Elves of Rivendell Reputation Quests

Reputation Barter Items

Right-click the items in your inventory.

Item Points
Signet of Rhudaur-icon.png Signet of Rhudaur 30  
Goblin-town Tabard-icon.png Goblin-town Tabard 50  
Elvish Relic-icon.png Elvish Relic 700  



See Elves of Rivendell Deeds
Most deeds in Eregion:

Crafting Quests

Introductory Quests

Barter Items

Item Usable at Crafting Tier Points
Scholar's Writ-icon.png Scholar's Writ Neutral Artisan 60  
Study of the Unknown-icon.png Study of the Unknown Aquaintance Master 100  
Of Mysteries Most Profound-icon.png Of Mysteries Most Profound Aquaintance Master 700  


Items available for purchase from Atharbain:

Decor / Furniture - Rombrennil

Item Standing Level Cost
'Celebrimbor' Statue-icon.png 'Celebrimbor' Statue Ally 44 Silver 
'Gil-galad' Statue-icon.png 'Gil-galad' Statue Ally 44 Silver 
'Luthien' Statue-icon.png 'Luthien' Statue Ally 44 Silver 
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Rivendell' Theme Ally 56 Silver 
Map Table-icon.png Map Table Ally 48 Silver 
Reflection Pool-icon.png Reflection Pool Ally 48 Silver 





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