The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins

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Deed Lore

Noted author and adventurer Bilbo Baggins intended to spend the rest of his days in the peace and quiet of Rivendell, home to Lord Elrond and haven of the Elves, but sometimes adventures come calling....

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Complete 'Chapter 1'
A search of the grounds of Rivendell turned up nothing but concern for Bilbo from the Elves who reside there.
Complete 'Chapter 2'
Canaddal and Ringhul agreed to keep their eyes peeled for any sign of the old hobbit, but it is a known fact that hobbits can be difficult to spot when they set their minds to hiding.
Complete 'Chapter 3'
A friendly face in Giant Valley lent a hand, but still there was no sign of the old hobbit.
Complete 'Chapter 4'
An old travelling companion of Bilbo's provided needed insight to the hobbit's activities, but an unnatural storm swept in and hindered your efforts to follow the old adventurer.
Complete 'Chapter 5'
Your trail led north among wargs and goblins, and at the end of it you made an unfortunate discovery.
Complete 'Chapter 6'
The goblin camp proved a slight hindrance, but you persevered in your quest to recover the missing hobbit.
Complete 'Chapter 7'
A dangerous game of hide and seek revealed a way inside the mountain where you feared Bilbo had gone.
Complete 'Chapter 8'
You made your way inside the dangerous mountain, sealing gates as you went in a desperate attempt to slow the attack of your foes, creeping ever closer to the missing hobbit.
Complete 'Chapter 9'
A confrontation with a jailor in the dungeons was only the beginning of your rescue attempt.
Complete 'Chapter 10'
After a daring escape from the dark, you finally achieved the rescue for which you entered the mountain!


  30 Token of Further Adventure
   <name>, Back Again
   3,000 Virtue Experience