Bind to Account

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Bind to Account means that an item can only be transferred between characters on the same account. Items that are Bound to Account cannot be sent through the in-game mail to another player, traded to another player, or put on the Auction House. Bind to Account items can be:

  • mailed to other characters on the same account and server (although in this case, the recipient name will need to be populated before attaching the item),
  • made accessible to all characters on the same account and server through Shared Storage
  • (for barter items) shared via the Wallet, to other characters on the same server. In this case, they will show in green lettering in the wallet display, and will be designated as Account-shared when hovering over the currency.
  • transferred to another server, as part of the Character Transfer Process, if the appropriate checkboxes are selected

Rarely you will see the acronym BtAoA meaning Bind To Account on Acquire which in practice is 100% equivalent with "Bind to Account".

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