Item:Subscriber Town Services

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Subscriber Town Services
  • Bind On Acquire
  • Item Level: 1
  • Item Duration: 14d
  • Minimum Level 5
  • "This item allows you to perform Town Services actions while adventuring for two weeks."
Subscriber Town Services

Quest Information

This item is a reward for the following quest(s):

Item Information

Over its two-week duration a VIP may right-click the item in the inventory to bring up a menu of Town Services. Clicking an option will open exactly the same windows as if interacting with a corresponding NPC.

Up until level 44 the quest rewards you with the minimum level 5 variant of this item, which does not contain the Legendary Item Forge service:

From level 45 and onwards, and after completing the quest Chapter 11: Forged Anew, the quest rewards you the minimum level 45 variant, which offers the following services: