Currency Cap

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Currency Cap

 Currency Cap Alert

There are several different Currency Caps in LOTRO. Once you hit the Cap for that Currency, you will no longer accumulate that particular currency until you spend below the cap.

Gold Cap

The maximum amount of gold a character can have is 9999. In order to amass more wealth, players can buy items like Bags of Gold Coins.

Other Currency Caps

Limits apply to many other currencies as well, such as:

Currency Currency Cap Type
 Winner Ribbon 10 Account
 Luck-stone 15 Account
 Festivity Token 40 Character
 Thrâng's Vault Token 40 Account
 Runner-up Ribbon 50 Account
 Token of Ill Omens 50 Account
 Coin of the Bugan 60 Character
 Token of Heroism 60 Account
 Midsummer Token 250 Character
 Bree-land Wood-mark 500 Character
 Copper Bounder's Coin 500 Character
 Copper Coin of Gundabad 500 Character
 Gabil'akkâ War-mark 500 Character
 Greyflood Mark 500 Character
 Gundabad Mountain-mark 500 Character
 Gúlmark 500 Character
 Mark of the Longbeards 500 Character
 Mark of the Wilds 500 Account
 Northern Gúlmark 500 Character
 Participation Ribbon 500 Account
 Silver Coin of Gundabad 500 Character
 Token of Further Adventure 500 Account
 Token of the Kharum-ubnâr 500 Character
 Vales - Beorning Token 500 Character
 Vales - Elf Token 500 Character
 Vales - Woodmen Token 500 Character
 Zakaf-beshêk 500 Character
 Himbar Token of Exchange 999 Character
 Legendary Coin of Angmar 999 Character
 Legendary Coin of Mirkwood 999 Character
 Legendary Coin of Moria 999 Character
 Sigil of Imlad Ithil 999 Account
 Mark of Renewal 750 Character
 Hero's Mark 1,000 Account
 Delving Writ 5,000 Account
 Ancient Script 10,000 Account
 Embers of Enchantment 10,000 Account
 Figments of Splendour 10,000 Account
 Motes of Enchantment 10,000 Account
 Commendation 20,000 Account


Barter Wallet Example: Cap of 500
A Currency Cap Alert