Tailor's Guild-hall

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Tailor's Guild-hall
Region: North Downs
Settlement: Esteldín
Location: [9.7S, 40.5W]
Tailor's Guild-hall.jpg

The Tailor's Guild-hall is found inside the Craft-hall of Esteldín. in North Downs [9.7S, 40.5W]

Within this hall it is possible for members of the Tailors Guild, to obtain exclusive recipes and exchange items not available to non-guild Tailors.

Tips: Since Update 27, the most accessible guild NPCs are located in the House of Craft in Minas Tirith (Midsummer). [23.2N, 54.9W]


Tailor's Guild-hall Entrance
NPC Function
ElfF.png Hambrennil Tailor's Guild Leader
Dwarf.png Jarmárr Tailor's Guild Pattern Recipes
ElfF.png Farvíl Tailor's Guild Pattern Trader
HumanM.png Toby Eatwell Tailor's Guild Improved Recipes
HumanM.png Bob Rosethorn Tailor's Guild Legendary Recipes

In addition to the locations already mentioned, representatives of the Tailor's Guild are found in:



In order to gain reputation in your chosen guild, you must:

  1. Purchase guild recipes from Jarmárr, the Tailor's Guild Pattern Recipes vendor
  2. Craft any or all of the recipes to make "patterns"; they do not share a mutually exclusive cooldown
  3. Right-click on the patterns to gain guild reputation. Consider using a reputation accelerator (may be granted by Hobbit presents, or purchased from Marks vendor).
  4. Remember to repeat the process of making each pattern each day, and consume it to gain reputation.
    • with normal real life interruptions, a character can gain Westemnet standing with the Guild in about a month
  5. The easiest way to reach Honoured (Minas Ithil) Master of the Guild standing is to have the Minas Morgul Expansion.
  6. If you don't have the Minas Morgul Expansion you can use the "old" guild recipes to gain the 200.000 rep needed.

Item Points Cooldown
Small Expert Pattern-icon.png Small Expert Pattern 300 18 hours
Medium Expert Pattern-icon.png Medium Expert Pattern 900 2 days 18 hours
Small Artisan Pattern-icon.png Small Artisan Pattern 400 18 hours
Medium Artisan Pattern-icon.png Medium Artisan Pattern 1,200 2 days 18 hours
Small Master Pattern-icon.png Small Master Pattern 500 18 hours
Medium Master Pattern-icon.png Medium Master Pattern 1,500 2 days 18 hours
Large Master Pattern-icon.png Large Master Pattern 3,000 6 days 18 hours
Small Supreme Pattern-icon.png Small Supreme Pattern 600 18 hours
Medium Supreme Pattern-icon.png Medium Supreme Pattern 1,800 2 days 18 hours
Large Supreme Pattern-icon.png Large Supreme Pattern 3,600 6 days 18 hours
Small Westfold Pattern-icon.png Small Westfold Pattern 700 18 hours
Medium Westfold Pattern-icon.png Medium Westfold Pattern 2,100 2 days 18 hours
Large Westfold Pattern-icon.png Large Westfold Pattern 4,200 6 days 18 hours
Small Eastemnet Pattern-icon.png Small Eastemnet Pattern 800 18 hours
Medium Eastemnet Pattern-icon.png Medium Eastemnet Pattern 2,400 2 days 18 hours
Large Eastemnet Pattern-icon.png Large Eastemnet Pattern 4,800 6 days 18 hours

Small Westemnet Pattern-icon.png Small Westemnet Pattern 900 18 hours
Medium Westemnet Pattern-icon.png Medium Westemnet Pattern 2,700 2 days 18 hours
Large Westemnet Pattern-icon.png Large Westemnet Pattern 5,400 6 days 18 hours
Small Westemnet Pattern-icon.png Minor Token of Esteem - Tailor's Guild 10,000 none
Small Westemnet Pattern-icon.png Guild Leader's Pattern 50,000 none


Membership in the Tailor's Guild rewards its fellow members with Improved Recipes beginning at the Expert tier.

These "Improved, Guild-only Recipes" are for the multiple creation of components (typically 5 at a time) or are "auto-crit" recipes which require various combinations of Patterns in addition to other components for crafting.

The "auto-crit" recipes have as their only output the Critical Success component of an armour piece (typically) from a "standard recipe." In addition to the cool-down timers on these Recipes, there are also cool-down timers on the Patterns involved. Unlike the "standard recipe, which is usually a Single Use recipe, these Guild recipes can be used multiple times, but with a cool-down timer.

Additionally, the Tailor's Guild offers "Legendary Recipes" which, upon obtaining the appropriate level of Crafting expertiese and Guild Reputation, allow the Tailor to craft certain Relics and Third, Second and First Age Legendary Items.

See the Appropriate Guild NPCs to purchase these Guild recipes when you gain the required crafting expertise reputation level:

Crafting Tips

  • Any pattern will increase your guild reputation at any level. (As with all reputation items, simply double click on them to turn them in.)
By crafting lower tier patterns and storing them in your vault as their cool-down timers expire, you can quickly advance to your next Guild level as needed.
  • Large Westfold and Eastemenet Patterns are on the same cool-down period (6 days 18 hours) as the Auto-Crit recipes for T7 and T8 Light and Medium armour.
Each full set requires you to craft five armour pieces. Each piece requires one Large Pattern in addition to other components.
Note that the Riders of Stangard recipes require Gold Tokens as well as reputation to acquire -- the Guild Recipes are a clear winner!