Survivors of Wildermore

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The Survivors of Wildermore is a reputation faction with the Rohirrim of Wildermore. Its accessible only after completing each of the 5 Wildermore region quests.

Location and Dramatis personæl or Officials

List of NPCs or Quest Givers: only activated after you have the wrapper quest, [85] Wildermore's Recovery

  • Britric (Bounty Listings) - 1 per day - 8 different
  • Dudoc (Mounted Combat Listings) - 1 or 2 per day - 7 different
  • Ealswith (Regional Listings) - 2 per day - 10 different
  • Gyric (Battle and Event Listings) - 1 or 2 per day - 5 different
  • Manni (Warband Listings) - 1 or 2 per day - 13 different
  • Hildelith (Crafting Requests) - 3 per day - 20 different -- Her three quests are based on the three Professions of your Crafting Vocation AT OR ABOVE Eastemnet (T8) level proficiency

Gaining Reputation

Standard reputation point levels apply. 85,000 total rep points needed for Kindred

  • 170 quests @ 500 reputation points per quest (85,000 rep points)
  • 6 quests per day providing 3,000 reputation points daily (5 quests at 500 rep plus the wrapper quest also gives 500 rep [Nov 2018: the wrapper quest no longer appears to give reputation])
  • 28 days to Kindred standing (14 days if you use Small Reputation Acceleration Tome-icon.png Small Reputation Acceleration Tome)
  • 30 Gold Tokens of Wildermore daily from 6 quests (5 repeatable plus the wrapper quest)
  • 840 Gold Tokens of Wildermore after 28 days

These repeatable quests become available after completion of the quest [85] Final Stand. See Wildermore Quests for an overview of the quest chains, requirements and repeatables.

Britric's Bounty Quests

Dudoc's Mounted Combat Quests

Ealswith's Regional Quests

Gyric's Battle and Event Quests

* [85] Scylfig: Target-shooting
* [85] Whitshaws: Mounted-fishing
* [85] Whitshaws: Yst-arning
* [85] Whitshaws: Jousting with Rohirrim
* [85] Scylfig: A Celebration Feast

Hildelith Crafting Quests

Manni's Warband Quests


No Deeds grant reputation with this faction.


No Mob kills grant reputation with this faction.

Task Bulletin Board

No tasks grant reputation with this faction.

Reputation Items

No "clickable" items may be gathered to grant reputation with this faction.

Reputation and Barter Items

Item  How to obtain  Use
Gold Token of Wildermore-icon.png Gold Token of Wildermore only from Wildermore Reputation Quests reward barter for faction loot


Barter: Hunman, many barter items are controlled by reputation level





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