Wildermore Quests

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Wildermore Quests

Only two quests are in this category the vector quests from Harwick to Wildermore.

Once complete the rest of the quests are "sequenced." That is to say, you must complete certain other quests before you will be offered a particular quest. See Wildermore Quests for an overview of the different quest chains.

At the completion all quests in Wildermore is the capstone quest:


The Fallows

The Whitshaws

The High Knolls

The Balewood

Survivors of Wildermore Reputation Quests

After the completion of the capstone quest [85] Final Stand (see Wildermore Quests above), the Survivors of Wildermore Reputation Quests become available.

  • In the town square of Forlaw, sitting on the steps of the Tavern, is Cole who gives the wrapper quest [85] Wildermore's Recovery.
  • This quest allows access to 5 daily quests (much like the Hytbold questline) from 6 quest givers.
  • Each quest givers offers one to three daily quests, randomly selected from their list of quests. They reward 5 Gold Token of Wildermore and 500 Reputation for the Survivors of Wildermore.
  • Gold Tokens of Wildermore can be bartered with Hunman for items.
  • It appears that all the quests are on a one-hour cooldown, but they cannot be accessed again unless you refresh the wrapper quest with Cole, that resets at 3:00 a.m. server time.