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Region: Wildermore
Area: Whitshaws
Location: [37.7S, 66.3W]


Dunfast is a settlement within the Whitshaws in Wildermore. [37.7S, 66.3W]

Núrzum has chased all of the inhabitants out of Dunfast. The village is now deserted. Ice-spires rise north of the village.

The Bard Gleowine, Horn's Mentor, was born here.


Dunfast Refugee Camp

The villagers from Dunfast have fled and are gathered together in a camp. [38.7S, 67.1W]

Note: The refugees are escorted back to Forlaw by Cyneberg in the quest: News the Reeve Must Hear (the end of the Whitshaws Quest chaing) leaving the camp empty, except for the stable-master.

The Whitshaws Quests

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