Monster Play Quests

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All quests but story-quests and introduction-to-area quests can be repeated on a daily basis. Commendations and Infamy/Renown are rewarded every time you do the quest.

The dynamics of possession of keeps and outposts by Freeps and Creeps effects the ability to obtain and complete quests. As a result, not all quests can be obtained at any given time, nor can all bestowed quests be completed at any time. Also, NPCs offering quests can be attacked and defeated by the opposing side, thus barring their quests from being accepted and/or advanced.

Items required to complete most collection quests may be accumulated in your inventory until the quest can be bestowed and/or completed.

Quests that count defeats can be replayed upon completion without cooldown. They can be turned in with their quest starter NPC as well as the faction leader of the side they are on (Captain-General Tordúr for freeps, War-tyrant Akúlhun for creeps).

Creep Quests Freep Quests







Isendeep Mine(C)

Isendeep Mine(F)



Tirith Rhaw(C)

Tirith Rhaw(F)

Tol Ascarnen(C)

Tol Ascarnen(F)