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Monster Play
General Topics: Ranks, Raiding
Creep Topics: Classes, Blessings, Skins, Quests, Titles, Troll Sessions
Freep Topics: Armour Sets, Quests, Titles, Ranger Sessions

Rank is a direct reflection of your standing and service with either the Free Peoples as your hero character or the armies of Angmar as a monster character. Both Monster Players and Free Peoples can earn up to 15 of the available ranks.

In order to gain ranks, you must defeat other players from the opposing army in battle or complete quests. By doing so you will gain either Renown or Infamy points. The amount of points you gain per defeated enemy depends on your rank and rating versus their rank and rating. If you are not the only person who dealt damage to your target, you will gain a share of points dependent on the amount of damage contributed to the defeat. Points gained in a fellowship or raid are also determined by the number of players in the group.

Your character’s rank determines the Battlefield Promotion available to you.

Ranking chart

Monster Play Rank Titles
Rank Icon Free Peoples Title Icon Monster Players Title Renown / Infamy
0 <none> None <none> None 0
1 Footman Tracker 500
2 Esquire Scout 1,250
3 Guardsman Skirmisher 2,750
4 Man-at-Arms Fighter 5,750
5 Sergeant of the Guard Soldier 14,750
6 Sergeant-at-Arms Sentry 33,500
7 Master Guardsman Chief Guard 71,000
8 Master-at-Arms Chief Warrior 146,000
9 High Warden Taskmaster 258,500
10 Lieutenant Lieutenant 408,500
11 Commander Commander 633,500
12 Third Marshall Chieftain 1,008,500
13 Second Marshall High Chieftain 1,608,500
14 First Marshall Overlord 2,508,500
15 Captain-General Tyrant 3,708,500