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PvMP Armour sets are Armour Item Sets that are designed for and can be obtained only through PvMP. There are a number of different armour barterers at the Free Peoples' base in the Ettenmoors, Glân Vraig. They offer armour, jewellery, and class items in exchange for Commendations. These items include Audacity bonuses which are essential when fighting in the Ettenmoors.

There are various tiers of armour, jewellery, and class items available. The first tier can be purchased using money while the higher tiers require commendations. Lower tiers can be exchanged for higher tiers with a small discount (trading upwards).

Jewellery, Class Items, Cloaks and Essences designed for PvMP and Audacity can be acquired from the supporting vendors at Glân Vraig:

Heavy Armour

Heavy armour with Audacity can be purchased from the Coldfells Heavy Armour Quartermaster.

Medium Armour

Medium armour with Audacity can be purchased from the Coldfells Medium Armour Quartermaster.

Light Armour

Light based armour with Audacity can be purchased from the Coldfells Light Armour Quartermaster.

Older Armour Sets

Armour set items with Essence slots can be acquired in Glân Vraig and at the Causeway Forts, talk to the Armour Vendors to barter for the sets. There are three different level 100 sets:

Class Barterers (old)

Each trader NPC offers three sets that were designed for past PvMP seasons: