Quest:White Hand Blessings

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White Hand Blessings
Faction Creep
Level 150
Type Solo
Starts at Gramsfoot
[11.9S, 20.7W]
Starts with Ufdragh
Repeatable yes
Quest Chain Gramsfoot Blessings
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Sharkey wants allies who know there is no winning without balance. You would do well to leave the others behind and join with the White Hand. We shall be the victors in this war and the others will serve us in the end.


The White Hand boasts that they are balanced in their approach to warfare. Serving their master, Sharkey, they claim that they will give you resilience and stren

Objective 1

You may accept the blessing of the White Hand. Renounce the other clans and choose to stand with the White Hand.

Ufdragh: 'We accept your request and remove the blessing of others so that you may enjoy our gift in its stead.
'We offer only what you need to survive. An approach to battle that awards strength of arms and armour. You will receive the benefit of our teaching and our will.'